Reasons To Rock Your Natural Hair


It’s only if you’ve been living under a rock that you won’t know the present hair trend for black people. A lot of black women have joined the natural hair movement and Nigerian women have been no exception. This movement encourages women of African descent to keep their natural Afro-textured hair. 

This trend was seen as a taboo since Nigerians love anything foreign. There is nothing wrong with wanting to wear your hair natural. It is very beautiful when I see women with her natural hair neatly kept. But one thing I really don’t understand is the discrimination women with relaxed hair are beginning to get from women who have decided to go natural.

I can remember seeing a woman attacked once at the mall by someone with natural hair. I really didn’t know how her relaxed hair is any of the woman’s business. Some people are just not ready to make the transition to natural hair yet (Enough of that, I should dedicate a post to this issue of Relaxed hair v Natural hair).

If you want to make the transition to natural hair, I say go ahead. If you are having doubts, below are seven reasons you should keep your hair natural.

It is inexpensive

With your natural hair, you don’t need to spend any money on buying human hair which may cost as much as N70,000. In fact, with this recession, the cost of the hair may have risen significantly. At least have mercy on your partner and plait your natural hair. Even if you are paying it from your pocket, it is wise that you save by plaiting your hair.



It saves time

Keeping your hair natural, and plaiting your natural hair, saves time. You won’t have to spend hours at the salon have extensions installed in your hair. But thanks to wigs, you still get to save time anyway.

You will appear beautiful

The biggest accusation against wearing natural or kinky hair is that it doesn’t make you appear beautiful. This is entirely false. You don’t have to plait your natural hair the way it is done in the pass. You can add swag and you will be shocked by the compliments you will receive from your admirers. Don’t forget to thank us! *wink*

No hair loss or injury

Women use all sorts of chemicals and materials on their hair in the name of plaiting their hairs. Flat-iron, hair dryers, and other countless equipment you use for your hair. Unfortunately for them, what they aren’t aware of is that they will slowly lose their natural hair. Although you can wear your hair anyhow you deem it fit, you should try wearing your natural hair. You will notice the difference.


You don’t have to worry when it’s about to rain

When it’s about to rain, you find women desperately looking for their shower cap in their handbag. If you can’t find it, you either buy one or use a nylon (which can be crude) in a bid to cover their hair.  All this baggage doesn’t come with wearing your natural hair.

You are saving our traditional hair from extinction

Like earlier said, if the dependence on anything foreign continues, everything Nigerian will soon evaporate. You may want to wear your natural hair to save it from extinction. Perhaps, a Nigerian day for natural hair should be declared. A day for no attachment. Just plait your natural hair. You will really feel good about doing something different!

Stop making Korea, India and Brazil weave rich

Women spend a lot of money on weaves, and all this is doing is just making the Koreans, Indians and Brazilians rich. When you make your natural hair, you are helping your community and economy. The makers of these weaves,  love the fact that you are not embracing your heritage, culture and strength…making them rich in the process.

You don’t have to wear your natural hair if you don’t want to. It’s your choice, wear what makes you happy.


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