Self Love: Anti- Engagement Ring


Women are rocking anti engagement rings as a sign of self love. Do you remember that scene in Sex and The City when Carrie engaged herself? She engaged herself just to get herself registered at Manolo Blanhik. Well you can now follow in her steps but not for the love of Manolo Blanhik. Just for the Love of you- Self Love. The Anti-Engagement ring also known as Pinky promise ring is a trend aimed at encouraging Self love.

Engagements are a beautiful thing. The only problem associated with it is that you can’t get engaged without a partner. It can also be burdensome when you are not ready for it. So we are happy to hear about the self-love Anti-Engagement rings.

“Woman,” they say, addressing females everywhere. “Reclaim yourself. Wear a symbol of belonging… to yourself.”

They continue: “Engage yourself, in life, in love, in health…

“Shed the weight of uncertainty, of responsibility, or pain, of disappointment, of pressure.

“Commit to something better… choose happiness, choose love, choose power, choose fulfillment, choose choice.

“Choose yourself. You’re worthy.”

No wonder Fred and Far Anti Engagement Rings are a trend. Celebs like Amber Rose, Lucy Hale have been spotted wearing the anti engagement rings. Here are a few things you need to know about anti-engagement rings:

  • A product of Fred and Far jewelers

In a bid to celebrate self love, femininity and women independence American creatives Samira Far and Melody Godfred created Fred and Far. The LA Based Jewellery Company Fred and Far launched their Anti-Engagement ring in 2016.

  • What does an Anti-Engagement ring look like?

The Anti-Engagement ring has a minimalist design. It is made up of a 14-karat silver, yellow gold , rose gold and  white gold band decked out with an upside down triangular shaped white sapphire. They only use lab created white sapphire in other to ensure that the self-love rings remain conflict-free – and allow wearers to keep a clear conscience when committing to themselves.

  • Engage yourself

Anti-engagement rings are essentially the same as engagement rings. Except that you buy one for yourself. Fred and Far website reads,   ‘Reclaim yourself… wear a symbol of your belonging. Just like the popular engagement rings, anti-engagement ring are made to be worn daily.

  • On what finger is the ring worn?

Quite unlike its popular rival, the Anti-engagement ring is worn of the little finger.

  • Pinky Promise

Fred and Far Anti Engagement rings come along with a pinky promise. To pinky swear or pinky promise is to signify that a promise has been made. The Fred and Far Anti Engagement ring promise is a promise to do the following …..To honor myself, to choose myself, to remember myself on a daily basis.


  • How much is an anti-engagement ring?

Fred and Far Anti-Engagement ring goes for $150 (£114) and above. Shop Fred and Far Anti-Engagement Ring here .


Would you join the movement and engage yourself? or do you see the Fred and Far Anti Engagement ring as a selfish movement? share your thoughts with me.


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