Things To Do On Valentine Day If You Are Single


It’s Valentine again and love is in the air. Most people spend valentine day with their significant other. On a day like this, being single to many may be frustrating. It becomes pretty annoying for them to see couples have fun on this beautiful day. What are the things to do to on valentine day if you are single? Best advice is to spend the day enjoying your singleness. Appreciate how awesome it is to love ‘you’. You can also try spreading the love to your fellow single people. Show some love this season.

Here’s a list of things you can do on valentine day if you are single:

  • Hangout with other singles

You are not the only single person in this world. Stop the pity party and get out of your house. Go and spend valentine day with other amazing singles just like yourself. You can try a movie date with another single friend or throwing a singles party and have all the singles come over and fun.

  • Pamper yourself

Valentine is all about love. Since you are single and all alone, it’s time for some self love. Pamper yourself on this beautiful day. Treat yourself the way you would love to be treated. Spoil yourself lavishly on this day. Shower yourself with some love, go visit the spa or recreate the Spa experience in your home. Cook yourself something nice and sweet. Buy yourself a gift.

  • Show someone love

Being single doesn’t stop you from showing love to someone else. There’s a huge chance that you are not the only single person. Your love would do that other person good. Show love to people around you by sending valentine cards to your friends, co-workers, family. If you are not the card person a little gift would also do the trick.

You can also volunteer at the hospital, orphanage or old people’s home. Put a smile on a face on valentine day and you would be shocked at how happy and fulfilled you feel after this little act of kindness.

  • Engage Yourself

LA based jewellery company, Fred and Far’s Anti Engagement rings are fun and beautiful. Fred and Far Anti-Engagement rings are gorgeous, fun and uniquely cut. Don’t wait for Mr. right since he isn’t even here on valentine day. You don’t know the things to do on valentine day if you are single. Why not try to appreciate your alone time. Celebrate self love and femininity. It’s Reclaim yourself. Celebrate being you, express your inner beauty and confidence, Engage yourself. Order one Anti-Engagement ring and cheers to an alone valentine.

  • Participate in a ‘secret Valentine’ with your Friends

Join your friends in a secret valentine game. Round up the girls that make your clique complete, write your names on little pieces of paper, pick each others name (make sure you don’t pick your name). This way you get a surprise valentine gift /outing from whoever picks you and you get the chance to gift your friend something nice.

  • Watch movies or TV series

Watching movies alone is the greatest. It gives you room to express yourself the way you want to tune in to Netflix or whatever and watch all those movies you have on your wish list. Series do the trip, series can be time consuming and they’ve being waiting for you to watch them. Grab a popcorn and drink. Cry, laugh, yell alone like a crazy person while watching you movie/series. This works like magic (don’t try it if you don’t like movies) you won’t even know when you’ve lost track of time. You would end up waking up like you never slept. Movie hangover is so bae.


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