Unwritten Group Chat Rules


It’s most likely that a lot of us have changed our texting lifestyle from the traditional SMS to Messaging apps. We’ve also asked our friends to download some messaging apps since it has much more to offer like sending messages to a large group of people. Quite a number of people don’t know the Unwritten Group Chat Rules.

As much has group chat is useful, fun and effective, it can become an issue when these unwritten rules are not met. To help you with how to keep your group chat sane here some Unwritten group chat rules.

  • Don’t include unknown people in the group

Creating a group chat for people who aren’t close knit or worse don’t know each other is a simple recipe for disaster. Don’t invite the whole world to the group chat because it’s a ‘Group’. The phrase the more the merrier’ just doesn’t apply to group chat. Random members make the group awkward. It‘s uncomfortable having to ask who’s +234 85…..244? Or questions like ‘Do I know you’. Unknown people equals to stalking. They begin to engage group members in their texts or even try to chat them up privately. Do your friends a favour, only add the close knit in your group. Else be ready for some swearing, spamming, group exit and lots more.

  •  Don’t talk to just one person

It’s a fact that you all are friends. Avoid talking to just one person all the time it’s unhealthy for the group. When your conversation with that one person is getting too long and personal, why not chat them up privately. It’s a group chat and everyone else on the group needs your attention. Don’t dedicate your whole chat to just one person on the group chat platform. If you are not talking to the group as a group why then drain their battery life with notifications from the group. There are other vital issues that the Group needs to discuss as a Group.

  • Use Emojis

Make sure to utilise emojis on your group chat platform. Emojis are a sassy way to spice up your conversation. Express yourself on the group chat with emojis, let you friends know your current facial expression. Let emojis speak the unspoken. You can use the fist emoji to say, “I’m in!” when making plans, or make a useless emoji (such as, the banana) to mean “too far”, without saying that someone has ultimately crossed a line. Overall, they make texting more fun and say things you don’t always feel like typing.

  • Don’t jam up group member’s photo gallery with similar photos

Don’t, Don’t do this. Hell No!!! Don’t go about clogging people’s photo gallery on the group chat. We know you have the pictures. Congrats please don’t send it if no one asked for it. Sending similar pictures to the phone gallery of group members can be frustrating. So be civil to ask if they need it and only send the pictures to those who requested it.

  • Don’t send dubious and ridiculous message

Don’t send text that demand forwarding it to other people else the will die or something harmful would happen. Filter all sorts of rubbish texts before posting on the group chat. Avoid any form of negativity; watch out for those dubious and ridiculous messages. Don’t send them on the group chat, OK !!


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