Valentine Outfit Idea


Picking the right valentine outfit can be a bit stressful and frustrating. You want your true personality to be revealed by the outfit. At the same time one wants to try to avoid too much details. The Valentine outfit idea of your choice should be something that looks you, represents you and you are 100% confident in your outfit. Stop bothering about your valentine outfit because we’ve got you covered with these valentine outfit ideas.

Check out these Valentine outfit ideas and pick the one that best suits you.

LOOK ONE: Red on Red

Steal this look created by Fashion Blogger, Helena Glazer. This valentine outfit goes with the flow of valentine. Go full on Red. Play with textures just as Helena did in this look. She spiced it with a dramatic leather pant.


Look Two: Romantic Outfit

There are various romantic outfits you can try. Check out this valentine romantic outfit idea that plays with floral and colour. The nud3 shoes and floral prints kill this look. The jacket is OMGing.. If this chic and classy outfit is what represents you. Why not try this valentine outfit idea look. It’s romantic and super hot.


Look Three: Red Dress

For those whose personal style revolves around trends then this valentine outfit idea look is so you. Red is a significant colour when valentine is involved. Follow the colour trend by slaying a Red dress.

red dress on valentine

Look Four: Backless Outfit

Self confidence X Good Skin = Back baring outfit. This valentine outfit idea is not for everyone. It’s for those ladies who are confident in their own skin and their back side beautiful enough to brag about.  If this look describes you why not try it?


Look Five: Burgundy Dress

Not everyone likes to wear Red on valentine day. This look is for those ladies who want to slay super hot in a dress that’s not Red. For this valentine outfit idea look, you would replace the trendy Red dress with a s3xy burgundy dress.


Look Six: Heart Printed Outfit
This look is totally dependent on your personality. Some ladies are quite playful and funny. This is a cool look for them. It depicts who they are and why their loved ones can’t stop loving them. If this look is you then go for it. Go for a heart printed top and matching lover.


Look Seven: Little Black Dress

Are you heading to a themed party? For all those going for themed parties like; ‘I hate valentine’ themed party or having a girls night out. This little black dress is a valentine outfit idea that you should try it.


You can also try wearing a long black dress with daring slits


Edgy girls are not left out in this valentine outfit idea. If your are an Edgy fashionista, replace your heels with oxford or sneakers.


There’s nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman behind unapologetically herself. To be comfortable in your own skin is strenght and self confidence. Pick the valentine outfit that totally screams you. You style is your voice, dress to represent your true self and value. what outfit number is so you and why? Pick your valentine outfit from any of these valentine outfit ideas.


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