Ways To Wear Perfume


Quite a number of people don’t know how to wear perfume. There is more to wearing perfume than just a dab on the wrists or a spritz here and there. You might be wondering why you should even bother to wear perfume at all? And how are you supposed to wear it?

Well if you don’t have allergies to perfume, then you should wear it. And to help you with how to wear perfume, here are 10 ways to wear your signature scent.

1. You only need 2 to 3 sprays

You don’t need to overuse perfume, 2 to 3 sprays are enough. The aroma of perfume should fill your personal space so that whoever you stop to talk to can sense it. This means anywhere from two to three sprays of perfume, applied to carefully chosen spots on the body, and sprayed from a distance of five to seven inches away.

2. Dab it on Perfume should be dabbed on.

Whether you have a roll on perfume or a bottle of perfume without a mister, always dab the perfume onto your chosen spots. When you rub the perfume on, the way some do when they dab one wrist and then rub their wrists together to divide the scent, the scent becomes “crushed” or damaged. You should allow it to naturally evaporate and develop on your skin.

3. Put it on before you get dressed

When you apply perfume to your clothes, you not only risk staining your clothes, but you don’t give off the aroma the way you should. Always find a way to apply perfume to your skin. Finding a safe and comfortable way to apply perfume to the skin is essential to giving off a pleasing aroma for up to several hours.

4. Keep your skin Moisturised

Keeping your skin moisturised is the key to making your fragrance last. Skin that is well moisturised will slow down the evaporation process and let the scent develop its undertones. The best choices for moisturizing your skin are to take a warm bath with olive oil in the water so that it coats your skin as you get out of the tub, use a scentless oil, such as coconut oil, on your skin before applying your perfume, or using a body lotion that is scented with your perfume.

5. Spray it on your thighs

While spraying perfume between your thighs might seem unconventional, it does make a lot of sense to wear perfume there if you are wearing a short skirt. Your inner thighs touch, creating body heat, and in effect, releases the scent of your perfume.

6. Spritz it on your hair 

Most perfumes have alcohol in them and some women worry that spraying an alcohol based perfume into their hair will dry out their locks. Instead, mist the perfume in front of yourself and walk through it. This will add a small amount of perfume to your hair and shouldn’t cause any damage.

7. Scented pulse points 

Coco Chanel once said, “A woman should wear perfume wherever she wants to be kissed.” She was talking about the pulse points on your body where the most heat is generated. These pulse points are behind your ears, your inner wrists and elbows, behind your knees, and between your breasts. Another pulse point is between your legs. Here, women generally spray their perfume onto the front of their under wear to avoid direct contact with sensitive skin, even though the perfume may stain their underwear.

8. Walk through the mist 

Simply mist the space in front of you with perfume and then walk through it. This would give your hair and body a light touch of fragrance all over. People do this either undressed or after they are clothed, even though perfume can stain certain clothes and will not develop as fully as it would on bare skin.

9. Petroleum jelly makes it last longer 

While moisturising your skin before putting on perfume helps the perfume last longer, your skin will eventually absorb the moisturiser and your fragrance will begin to fade. An added trick to make your perfume last even longer than your moisturiser is to apply a thin layer of petroleum oil onto the areas where you will dab your perfume. For example, apply the petroleum jelly to your inner wrists and behind your knees and then dab on your perfume. It will evaporate slower than if it were applied to your bare skin because petroleum jelly is not absorbed into the skin.

10. Let your perfume chill

Believe it or not, perfumes do have a shelf life. If they are stored in a warm environment, such as in the bathroom, the scent will lose its crispness and its fragrance won’t last as long on your skin. Perfumes left in the sunlight can change aroma and leave you with a perfume that no longer smells nice.

The best place to store perfumes is in a refrigerator. This keeps perfumes out of direct sunlight and it keeps the aroma fresh. If this isn’t possible, try to store your perfume in a cool, dark area, such as in a back room or in a dry basement.


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