10 Reasons Why You Need To Get Enough Sleep


Raise your hand if you’ve already let out a big yawn today. As I write this article I have yawned so many times. A lot of us are just so busy we work while being sleepy.

Our collective culture of busyness makes it seem acceptable to operate in a state of sleepiness when it’s anything but. Here’s the truth: You’re doing more harm than good by avoiding rest in order to squeeze an extra hour or two out of your day.

It’s time to take back control of your schedule for the sake of sleep. Aside from being downright exhausted, there are plenty of other reasons you should prioritise those nights of sleep. Here are just a few incentives to hit the pillow:

1. Sleep will improve your memory

A sharper mind happens when you close your eyes. Research as shown that sleep can boost your short term memory, it can also help you retain information better the following day.

2. You won’t be ill-tempered

Lack of sleep can make you ill-tempered. Lack of sleep makes it difficult to process emotions provoking unpleasant reactions to relatively neutral triggers. More sleep = a happier mood.

3. It might boost your s3x drive

You won’t be able to really enjoy moments of intimacy with your partner when you’re tired. Research shows a lack of sleep may be linked to erectile dysfunction and a lower libido. More sleep means better s3x, see a win-win.

4. Getting those Zs may help you prolong your life

You need to get enough sleep if you want to prolong your life. Research suggests that sleep may be associated with a shorter lifespan. A constant state of exhaustion can also affect your overall quality of life.

5. You’ll have a better defence against the flu

One way you can help your body defend itself against the flu, get enough sleep. The best way to ward off pesky bacteria and viruses is through healthy habits (wash those hands!) and good night’s sleep. Research suggests that a lack of sleep can increase your likelihood of getting sick. Sleep better to toughen up your immune system.

6. It might make you more creative

If you want to remain creative, you need to be well-rested. According to research, creative problem solving is much easier after sleep. Additionally, the state between being awake and asleep — known as hypnagogia — may also spark some imaginative thinking.

7. Sleep promotes a healthy weight and muscle mass

You can also maintain a healthy weight and muscle mass when you hit the sheets. You can’t only transform your health in the kitchen and in the gym. When you don’t sleep well, you may be tempted to have unhealthy midnight snacks. Also, a study found that dieters who got more rest lost more body fat while following their weight loss plan. Research also suggests that sleep deprivation may lead to muscle atrophy.

8. It will ease stress

Ever felt so overwhelmed that you just wanted to take a nap? There’s a reason for that. Sleep and stress are inextricably linked. When you sleep, you’ll notice a change in your mood and also a lower blood pressure.

9. You’ll be a better driver

If you get behind the wheel when you are sleepy, is just dangerous. It’s the same as drunk driving. Your reactions and judgments are impaired when you haven’t had enough sleep, making the road a hazardous place.

10. It feels so. darn. good

Is there anything more satisfying than waking up well rested after a long night of sleep? Answer: Nope.


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