Basic Table Etiquette You Need To Know


The word “etiquette” is French and means “little sign” or “ticket”. As a literal translation, etiquette simply means a collection of little reminders to help people understand how to behave in various situations. Etiquette ensures that people know what society in general expects; it provides standard rules for appropriate behavior. The purpose of etiquette isn’t to put on a show for the benefit of others with appearances and facades. Instead, it involves an attitude of respect and concern toward others to ensure that everyone feels valued and comfortable.

Table etiquette is a must for both young and old, most especially 21st-century youth. Etiquette has become extinct, and today’s youth know little or nothing about it. But good old manners has never hurt anyone, instead, people will respect and appreciate you more. Below are 7 easy table etiquette to help you get started.

Table etiquette is a must for both young and old, most especially 21st-century youths…

1. Do greet and smile at a table you have come to join. Even if you know or don’t know the people seated.

2. Don’t grab a drink from the table. Wait to be offered or ask politely or simply just “BUY YOUR DRINK”.

3. Don’t join a table and start eyeing people on the table. It’s very bush.

4. Be mindful of other people’s boyfriends, girlfriends or partners. Don’t be eye romancing or doing things to get attention from other people’s partners.

5. Have fun, smile, join in on the conversation, sing along and just be a fun person. If you are depressed, GO HOME!

6. If someone else invited you to the table and you don’t know anyone there, smile and say hi. Don’t have an attitude. It stinks. No one wanted you on their table in the first place.

7. If you don’t know anyone on the table but you were invited by someone on that table, don’t invite 3 or more of your friends to join you on a table in which you know no one and be looking thirsty. You can politely ask if it’s okay to invite more people to the table.

Most times people are polite and won’t mind. Better yet if your three friends are spenders, I’m sure the table will be happy to have you join.

Who doesn’t want more drinks?


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