Beauty Hacks For Stunning Eyes


A lot of people have complained that they find it hard to make their eyes pop when they do their makeup. I understand, even the most seasoned of us still find it hard to make their eyes look nice. 

There’s a ton of technique and products involved in making truly stunning eyes. Even if you’re an old pro at doing your own makeup, you may be stuck in an eye makeup rut or looking for ways to brighten your look. Check out these beauty hacks which will make getting glamorous eyes super-easy.

1. Use a gel liner or liquid liner

You should not be using an eyeliner pencil to line your lids. I just see it as a waste of time and it also hurts. Eyeliner pencils can be difficult to apply, with the hard tip pulling and tugging at your sensitive lids. I’ll advise you use a gel liner, and if you don’t know how to use a gel liner, you can also get a liquid liner. Now if you don’t want to waste the eyeliner pencil you have you can heat it to make an instant gel liner.

To make the application go more smoothly, stick the tip of your eyeliner pencil in the flame of a lighter or match for one second. Let the pencil cool for about 15 seconds, and then apply. That previously hard liner pencil will temporarily have a softer, more gel-like consistency, which will be easier to apply and give a thicker and easier-to-smudge line.

2. Revitalise old mascara

Add a couple of drops of fresh saline solution to the tube in order to thin and liquefy your mascara. if you’ve had your mascara longer than three months, do not use this trick! Instead, toss out that old mascara (which may be harbouring nasty bacteria), and get a new tube.

3. Use a spoon to get wings

If you’ve ever tried drawing a winged liner, you’ll agree with me that it can be hard and messy. Winged eyeliner is both gorgeous and intimidating to apply, especially if you’re a beginner. While some beauty bloggers recommend using Scotch tape to lay out your wings ahead of time, we find that the tape can irritate and tug at sensitive eyelids. Instead, use a spoon to be your guide. Flip the spoon over and use the edge of the bowl to guide you as you draw the wings.

4. Use a spoon to get longer lashes

You can also use a spoon to get longer lashes. Flip it over and place it next to the roots of your lash, then pull slightly upward on the lid of your eye with the spoon. This will expose more of your lash roots and shield the skin of your eyelid. You can go for a heavier application than you normally would and will get better coverage on your entire lash. The spoon will keep you from getting mascara all over your eyelids, preventing unnecessary clean-up later.

5. Super thick lashes with translucent powder

After you apply your first coat of mascara, lightly dust translucent powder on your lashes before applying a second coat. The powder will give the next coat something to “grip” to, resulting in a thicker look for your lashes.  But make sure you use translucent powder,


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