Beauty Mistakes You Should Stop Making


We all make mistakes from time to time, and that includes making the occasional beauty blunder. With all the beauty trends that come and go, or stay forever (hello bronzer!), it’s super easy for important tips and advice to get forgotten. And most of the time you don’t even know that you’re doing anything wrong.

Well, no more! Read on for the most common makeup mistakes we all make (that means both newbies and the pros), and what you can do to improve your gorgeous self.

1. Applying Foundation Without Waiting For Your Moisturizer to Dry

We know: you’re usually running late in the mornings, so you just want to speed through your makeup routine. But if you don’t let your face cream soak into your skin, you’ll end up looking blotchy. A good rule is to wait 60 seconds until your moisturizer has absorbed, and then apply foundation.

2. Putting Bronzer All Over Your Face

If you want a sun-kissed look, apply a self-tanning lotion on your face. Otherwise, only apply bronzer to the bridge of your nose, cheekbones, chin, and forehead. Applying a shimmering bronzer is supposed to enhance your looks, not BE the look.

3. Placing Blush Way Too Low on Your Face

Applying blush to your lower cheek can make you look overdone and can also make your face look heavy. Use a contouring brush to applying color only to the apples of your cheeks, as opposed to the entire sides of your face, so that your nice rosy cheeks are the pretty finishing touch.

4. Applying Lipstick to Bare Lips

It’s super tempting to give your lips a quick swipe with your fave shade, but that’s a big mistake if you want your lipstick to actually last throughout the day. Instead, prep your lips with a light moisturizer and let that soak in while you do the rest of your makeup routine. Then, after a few minutes, decorate your pout.

5. Wearing Waterproof Mascara Everyday

Unless you’re heavy duty athlete or swimmer — or someone who cries on the regular — you shouldn’t wear waterproof mascara 24/7. It’s super drying to your lashes, and because it’s so hard to remove, you’ll end up rubbing your eyes a lot in the cleansing process, resulting in some lost lashes. Stick to regular mascara for the every day, and only use waterproof while on vacay.

6. Testing Foundation on the Back of Your Hand

We’ve all done it, but if you think about it, testing a new foundation or concealer on the back of your hand makes no sense. You want the shade to match the tone of your face — not your hand! This explains why many of us buy a shade that doesn’t match our pigment. Try the foundation on your neck or jawline for a more accurate result.

7. Spraying Perfume While You’re Dressed

However, tempting, don’t spray your perfume as you’re headed out the door. Not only does perfume damage fabrics, but also its fragrance can mix poorly with what you’re wearing. Perfume is formulated to work with the skin, so before dressing up in your LBD, dab or spray it onto the skin at one or two of the “pulse points” (knees, wrists, the base of the throat, and behind the earlobes).


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