Beauty Products You Should Keep In Your Fridge


You must likely think your refrigerator could only store food and drinks. Bet you didn’t know there were beauty products you are meant to store in your fridge.  Ahead, exactly which jars and bottles do better in a cold climate, as opposed to the tropical rain forest that is your bathroom.

1. Nail Polish

Nail lacquer is an emulsion that will cause extreme distress if broken. (Just recall the time you went to unscrew your bottle polish and found it all gloopy. It was five years old, which is decrepit in polish years, BUT STILL.) Keeping the pigments suspended will keep the formulas from thickening, which in turn will keep you from crying over unspilt-but-still-useless cult colors.

2. Face Masks

For a more pleasant user experience, keep your moisturizing moon mask chilled. Lower temps = greater de-puffing and un-reddening powers.

3. Eye Cream

Similarly, your night cream will be more effective in treating the bags under your peepers—even if they are Louis Vuitton—because if it’s less than 37 degrees Celsius, it’ll constrict the blood vessels, which reduces the flow of fluid into the soft tissue.

4. Perfume

Light and heat will disrupt the delicate balance of chemicals you paid big money for, turning your prized perfume into Rancid Bologna of Somebody’s Lunch. Do not let this happen.

5. Retinol and Vitamin C

The minute you expose some active ingredients to a hostile environment, meaning the part of your home where you bathe, you can potentially change their chemical structures, which could diminish their pretty-making powers. Not good. Direct sunlight and heat are again your enemies here, so do your most potent unguents a favour, and send them into a mild cryogenic sleep. Technology is always improving the stability of these ingredients, but just in case.

6. Eyeliner
Create a more precise line along the eyes by placing your eye pencil in the ice box for 20 minutes before use. That way, it can be sharpened to a precision tip

7. Moisturizers
Anyone who has red skin (erythema or rosacea) should chill all moisturizers – both day and night, including SPF (even those with Titanium Dioxide). Doing so will help calm the skin instantly when applied. It’s like having a cold compress on the skin.

8. Toner
Put your toner in the fridge for a refreshing skin treat, especially in the summer. This precious jolt of a chill will awaken the senses, tighten pores, and refresh makeup.

9. Lipstick:
Over time, heat is going to cause that lipstick to break down and melt. If you have a very favorite shade you want to stock up on, keeping it chilled is the best possible way to make sure it goes the distance.


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