How To Wear Culottes


Yes, they are back guys, Culottes are back in trend, and now they’ve become a must-have in every women’s closet.  These cropped pants have gone from iffy-trend to must-have closet mainstay so if you haven’t already, it’s time to hop on board.  This is one trend I believe will be major in 2017.

They have been around since like forever and they are making a major comeback! They were originally worn by upper-class European men in the middle ages and used to be tight with closures around the knee.Somewhere along the way, culottes became looser and known as flowy pants that typically hang right below the knee.

They can sometimes be shorter like shorts or longer in a midi length.When worn, culottes usually look like a skirt, except they are not! They are pants! Awesome yeah? Culottes are super comfy, and they’re perfect for summer because they’re breezy, chic, and stylish that’s if you know how to rock them.

It is quite tricky to wear culottes, as you may feel it is not cool and it is baggy.Yes, you can wear them and look cool. When choosing a top, treat them like any old pair of pants, but choosing the right footwear is key. Add length (and polish) with a pump or sandal, or go low-key with a normcore-worthy slide, sneaker, or loafer.

You can either wear them to work, casual or to a formal event. They come in either denim pleats, stripes and loads of other textile and prints.

You just have to put your own edge to it and own the look. Still confused on how to wear this trend? Below are a few ideas to help you out.


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