Little Makeup Lies Social Media Tells Us


How I love social media when it comes to makeup tutorials. About 70% of all I know about makeup, I learnt from social media and I are really grateful for it. Whether it be Instagram, YouTube, Snap chat, as gifted me, and countless others, with the opportunity to spread the love of makeup as far as it can possibly reach.

Over the past one year, I have tried almost everything about makeup on social media and I must admit everything that glitters is not gold. Some of the techniques and products have tried haven’t worked for me and it has only given me anxiety. Some of these beauty vloggers/bloggers have no idea what they are doing. These social media lies get perpetuated by artists who have lighting and editing to their full advantage, tricking the viewer into believing that what they see is always the truth. It took me a while to understand this and I am so glad I know these little lies social media has told me.

Today I’ll bust open the 7 top little lies social media tells us — not to criticize any artists’ work, but rather to make us aware of the opinions we’re told as truths.

1. If you use XYZ products, you will have the same results

Makeup artists make us believe that if we use the same products they do, that we will achieve the same result. But the truth is, that’s a lie. We all don’t have the same features. With makeup, you are supposed to play up YOUR beautiful features, not shadow someone Else’s.

That look won’t flatter everyone’s facial structure, and a look that is amazing on you might not flatter your favorite beauty vlogger. Don’t expect the same exact results just because you’re using the same exact products.

2. You need highlight and contour

It took me forever to master how to highlight and contour my face because I believed I needed it. Some people have natural highlight and contour. It’s called bone structure. Should these people be highlighting and contouring for every day? Not at all, it’s a waste of time. Should they use it to enhance what they have when taking pictures so they don’t look flat? Yea, if they want! Even if you don’t have a lot of natural shadows, you still don’t need to highlight and contour every single day.

3. Beauty Blenders are the only tools of the masters

I don’t know if I am the only one but I don’t like beauty blenders. I see them as a total waste of money. I tried to force myself to like it because YouTube made me believe I needed to like it. I am not saying you should,t use a beauty blender, beauty Blenders are amazing! They’re great if you want a dewy, natural finish to your makeup. they create a softer finish, more appropriate for camera work. Are they best/easiest/most economically friendly for everyone? Certainly not. I personally prefer brushes.

Quality beauty blenders are really expensive and should be changed every 3 months. I just see that as a total waste of money. Beauty Blenders give fantastic results, but they aren’t always the best option for every foundation and every person.

4. You need to bake every day 

The only thing I know that needed to be baked is food. But thanks to social media, I found out you can also bake your friend. Baking can be great if you’re super oily and some parts of your makeup tend to slip and slide throughout the day, but only when used in moderation. Baking on the dry skin causes that skin to become even drier. That’s when cake-inkiness and texture can happen.

Baking is expensive. Quality translucent setting powders are expensive. I don’t know about you, but I certainly can’t afford to put a whole package of Sacha Cosmetics Buttercup Setting Powder on one small area of my face, only to wipe it away seconds later.

5. Every look needs a wing 

Now this makeup lie was something that I personally believed for a long time. If you have tiny hooded eyes that are asymmetrical and down turned, a wing liner is not for you.

It’s possible to make the eye look bigger by just the use of shadow placement alone. Wings can throw certain looks off balance. They’re great to open up a naturally contoured eye for someone whose lid is a bit smaller, but they can cause a darker, blown-out smokey eye to look too heavy. They can’t take away from the flow or the feel of an eye look.

6. Primer is what makes your skin smooth under foundation

Primers are great and do a lot of hard work, but skincare is actually where it’s at. If you don’t clean and hydrate your skin before applying makeup, anything that follows after, even a primer, won’t be able to do its job properly. Any dirt or oil that has adhered to your skin overnight can emulsify your makeup and break it up from the inside out.

If your skin is dry and you skip moisturizer, your skin will drink up the moisture from your foundation throughout the day, leaving the surface of your skin patchy and flaky. Primers are great for adding a boost of hydration, glow, color correction, or mattified texture to your skin, but the skincare is what truly does the heavy lifting.

7. Natural means it’s good for your skin

Natural just means it’s natural. It means the ingredients are generally plant and mineral based rather than created synthetic chemicals in a lab. However, this doesn’t mean the products are free of parabens and phthalates, which tend to be the big no-no’s in the health-conscious cosmetic industry.

You can still have an allergy to a plant-based ingredient the same way you can have an allergy to a synthetic ingredient. Natural brands are amazing, but if you have super sensitive skin, you may still have an allergy towards them as well.

Now if you want to continue baking every day, great! #makeupequalityforall. But at least now, you can know before you go.


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