Careers Perfect For A Food Lover


Wouldn’t it be amazing to eat paid for something you love doing? Well, it is amazing. I have always been fascinated by food since I was little. The cooking methods and flavors and I am always willing to learn to cook and taste something new. Some will say I am a foodie, but I think I just love food like everyone else. This had me thinking if there were careers for people like me. 

Are you one of those individuals who love food more than anything on the planet? then you might as well consider taking up a career in the food industry. Contrary to what many might believe this is an age old industry that continues to be extremely thriving and it is unlikely that in time to come, there will be a decrease in its popularity. So for your benefit here is a list of top jobs that extreme foodies can try their hand at.

1. Chef

This is one of the most important jobs in the food industry. You can’t have food without someone preparing it. If you are interested in coming up with interesting and delicious treats for yourself and loved ones, then you should seriously consider being a chef. It is not an easy job,  it entails working round the clock and toiling in a warm kitchen, yet if you are passionate about your job it will never seem like a burden to you ,instead you will enjoy it. Chefs work everywhere from late-night diners to high-class restaurants, mixing ingredients to create tasty meals for customers.

2. Baker 

One of the most relaxing jobs you can have is being a baker. Bakers have a key eye for detail and are able to carry out instructions to perfections. A lot of people love sweets and what is more rewarding than putting smiles on people faces because of your treats. So if you love baking cakes and cookies as much as you love eating them then, try your hand at becoming a baker!

3. Nutritionist 

There have been a lot of food fads over the years. One of the common ones is that you have to starve yourself to lose weight. This is so untrue. If you want to get into the service side of food, then been a nutritionist is an option for you. You can help kill those false food fads and help people eat the correct kinds of foods and thereby live a healthy life without spending thousands to go see a doctor every year.  If you get the required qualifications this dream can become a reality for you.

Typically nutritionist assesses patients’ and clients’ health needs and diet; counsel patients on nutrition issues and healthy eating habits; and develop meal plans, taking both cost and clients’ preferences into account.

4. Flavor chemist

If you love food and you have a significant aptitude for science then you can become a flavor chemist. The job entails making use of spices, food coloring and even oils to intensify the flavors of any processed food so as to make them taste delicious. Flavor chemists use essential oils, flavor aroma, and botanical extracts to recreate and intensify flavors from nature — or create entirely new ones. It is not necessary that these flavorings are organic; often they are even artificially prepared. So if you are a foodie with a scientific bent of mind then this is surely your calling!

5. Food photographer 

If you take the phrase “say cheese” literally or pictures of your food go up on social media faster than it actually reaches your esophagus then you are surely destined to become a food photographer. The good news is if you’re really good at it, you can do something with those skills beyond making your Instagram followers hungry. Though photography skills are indeed a must, you should also ensure that you are able to come up with quick ideas when it comes to setting a table or strategically placing food such that it looks absolutely irresistible.

6. Food Journalist/Columnist/Blogger

Depending on the nature of the food writing you’d like to do, developing an expertise in journalism and/or culinary arts could help you. If you’re writing about the business of food, you could be interviewing high-profile chefs and restaurateurs, who will expect that you’ve had formal journalism training. You could also take food writing courses and workshops to help develop your writing style.

In this technological age, having an interesting and appealing food blog can really earn you quite a lucrative income. When you have a food blog then you are able to reach out to a number of other food enthusiasts and you could either share your experience at a given restaurant or share with your followers a recipe that you recently came up with. So in addition to eating food, if you love talking about it, then give this career option a try.

7. Catering 

Running your own catering business is a huge responsibility, yet it is lucrative. This position entails managing dining experiences for events. If you’re a foodie with a passion for event planning and working on a budget, look no further, catering might be for you. In addition to having exceptional taste in food, you should also ensure that you have good leadership skills to ensure that you are able to carry out any catering contract with absolute perfection. Initially, the job might seem daunting but over time when you gain name and popularity, you are bound to enjoy your job!

8. Restaurant owner

Another lucrative career for a foodie is being a restaurant owner. This is no easy task, but if you hardworking and also willing to put your all into making your restaurant a success then you should seriously consider this career. It doesn’t have to be big at first; you can start little and watch your business grow. Being able to run a restaurant is indeed a dream for most foodies, so if you have what it takes, do try to make your dream come true.

9. Food show presenter

If you love food, you can also consider a career as a food show presenter. Most food show presenters are awesome chefs. But you don’t have to be a chef to have your own food show. Channels like discovery or programmes like Bukas and Joints allow their presenters to travel from place to place discovering new culinary delights.


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