10 Bra Mistakes You Are Making


Lingerie shopping has become one of my favorite past times, not only because I love a good supportive bra, more so because there are more sizes and styles and brands than literally ever before. A lot of women don’t enjoy shopping for bras and I can understand why. I never liked it, till about 2 years ago. Choosing the right bra for your shape and size isn’t always that easy, and the truth is it is quite frustrating. You don’t exactly have a permanent size. And after trying over 100 bras, you might end up not finding the right one for you. 

To help you avoid all that discomfort and frustration, I have come up with a series which will analyze the most common mistakes women make while choosing a bra, various recommendations to help you choose the right bra for you and also the right fit.

One thing you should realize when it comes to bras is that something can work for 500 other people and still not be right for you, and that’s OK. It’s not a flaw with your body or the bra, the bra is not just right for you. Just be patient and be willing to spend the time to try different brands and styles and shapes, till you find what works for you. I hope this post and the coming ones will make this experience easier and more pleasant for you.

1. Choosing a bra by cup size

You shouldn’t be choosing a bra based on cup size. Instead start with a numerical band size. Meaning you may be a D with one band size but an E with another size band. A 32D bra is a cup size smaller than a 34D, for example. Letting go of whatever cup size you think you are will allow you to explore and find the best-fitting bra for you.

2. Wearing a bra that’s too small 

Many women’s identities are tied up in their cup sizes, making them resistant to go up a cup size in order to go down a band size. But you may be wearing a 36C when your rib-cage measurement is a 32…which would require you to buy a bra that’s a 32E. Getting a bra with a smaller back band may make your cup sound huge, but you need to own that larger cup size — it means your bra will actually fit you better.

3. Fastening your bra on the tightest hooks

When measuring your band size, you should go according to the outermost set of hooks, not the innermost. A bra is going to stretch about three inches in its lifetime, and when it does, that’s when you go to the next set of hooks. Buy a bra that fits snugly on the last set of hooks, and only later should you need to use the tighter ones.

4. Wearing the right outfit the wrong bra

You can have the right bra, but it may not be for what you’re trying to wear.  If you need to go get fitted for a new strapless bra or something with a less traditional back to pull off the dress you just bought, do it!

5. Thinking you can wear one bra with every type of outfit

Yeah, you just can’t. Certain dresses are going to require a more perky shape, while some shirts might look better if your breasts sit lower and flatter. Try different bras for each item of clothing you have to ensure you’re pairing your outfit with the best bra possible.

6. Wearing a bra two days in a row

We all have that one bra that we love. But it shouldn’t be worn two days in a row. Letting a bra rest at least one day in between wear will help the elastic regain its strength. When you’re wearing it two days in a row, it’s like pulling on a muscle — it’s going to strain it and it won’t be able to snap back. One thing that helps keep that elastic fresh? Washing it in cold water helps it because the cold water shocks it.

7. The band is riding up in the back (or is sitting too low)

The band riding up in the back (or sitting too low on the back) indicates that the breasts are not supported by the bra – the bra is functioning more like a sling rather than giving firm support for the breasts. The band of a new bra should be sitting straight and firm across the back on the loosest hook.
Other indicators of a too-big band are if you can fit more than a couple of fingers under it, or if you’re always having to hook the bra on the tightest hook.

8. Keeping a bra for too long

When worn correctly and taken care of correctly, a bra is going to last you about eight months. After that, the band is stretched out, so it’s not going to support you anymore. That’s why you should have six to seven bras in your wardrobe so you can rotate them, making them last longer.

9. You assume you need a push-up 

Smaller-chested women have let media pressure make them believe that they always have to wear a push-up bra. You shouldn’t give into the pressure. You can try wearing an unlined cup as it is better than always having to wear a push-up bra.

10. Settling for a bra that doesn’t fit

Women just accept the fact that they are never going to find the right fit bra for them. I understand that it can be quite frustrating and you can simply just settle for a bra that kind of fits instead of a bra that fits perfectly.


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