Makeup Mistakes You Are Making


If you happen to be a makeup fan like me, you’ll probably have your beauty routine down like a manual. Ii bet you already know how to make your foundation sink and blend into your skin, as well as flawless eyeliner technique. But, even the pro’s among us still make mistakes. 

This re things we do without even realizing it. These mistakes I am talking about have more to do with your application technique. While there are proper ways to use makeup, you do remember the days when wearing dark lipstick was considered a no-no. Rules like this are things of the past, you wear whatever you feel comfortable with.

The info I have below has nothing to do with your taste in makeup, it has to do with the mistakes we make with our products, all in the name of upping our makeup game.

1. Using expired makeup 

Let’s be honest here, how long have you had that eye-shadow palette? The truth is you are not using all the colors every day, so you want to wait till you’ve exhausted every color on the palette. I understand that it might hurt to throw out a favorite makeup product but expired makeup could lead to skin irritations and eye infections.


You probably think your makeup product doesn’t have an expiring date, you are wrong. Well, the difficult thing with makeup is that the shelf-life all depends on when a product is first opened, how it’s stored and the type of packaging. Most products have a Period After Opening (PAO) symbol – as shown in the image above – which acts as a guideline for when you should throw out a product after you’ve opened it.

The symbol includes the letter’ which stands for month and a number before the letter’ (which stands for the number of months), i.e. ‘6m’ means that once you’ve opened a product you should realistically stop using this product after six months.

2. Applying concealer before foundation

If you have a pimple or zit, I understand how tempting it is to cover it up with concealer, followed by foundation. If you go in this order, however, you’ll essentially erase the concealer by wiping it away. Instead, apply foundation first and then look in the mirror. Where do you need more coverage? Apply concealer there,

3. Pumping your mascara wand

I used to think it’s necessary to pump the mascara want in order to get more product on it. But this habit actually has the opposite effect. A makeup artist told me that the pumping action actually removes product from the wand, giving you less mascara with each swipe. It also pushes air into the tube, which can cause the product to oxidise quicker. Every time you brush back in the tube, its one day close to being expired.

4. Stealing your friends look

We all love a good makeup recommendation. But I have noticed that not all recommendation works for me. What works for my friend may not suit my makeup needs. Take mascara, for example, your friend’s natural lashes may not be like yours, so using her [favorite brand] might not work for you. Of course, it’s worth experimenting, but make sure to stick with makeup that’s best suited to you.

5. Not prepping your skin first

It is really annoying when you lovingly apply makeup on your face, only for it to melt off minutes later. I noticed my makeup lasted longer and looked better when I apply a primer or face mist before wearing my foundation. It’s better you prep your skin first to ensure your handiwork stays put.

6. Sticking false lashes on too quickly

You have to agree with me that trying to stick on false lashes can be a pain. When not applied properly it ruins your eye-shadow, that’s why I stay away from it most of the time. If you really must apply false lashes, you have to wait for the glue to get tacky before you apply. You should wait for about 30 seconds after squeezing on some glue, so the lashes will be more likely to stick.

7. Applying lipstick to chapped lips

How many times have you applied lipstick, only to hate how crumbly it looks? If this happens on the regular, it could be due to your chapped lips — and is very easily remedied. What I learned is to first use a lip scrub to get all the dead skin off, then apply a lip balm right when I start getting ready so that way the lip balm has time to soak in and really moisturize the lips. It is like night and day with the end result”

8. Ignoring your skin type

A lot of women don’t even know that there are different products for different skin types. If you just recklessly buy makeup, you will end up with products that don’t work for your skin type. For example, someone with oily skin is to use a different set of primer, base foundation and concealer as compared to someone with dry skin. Once you know your skin type, you can snag products that are guaranteed to work well with your skin.


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