Tips To Help You Choose The Perfect Bra


Finding the right bra can be a difficult and frustrating challenge. Not only can certain bras make your boobs look super awkward, but some fits can be so bad they’re just flat out unwearable. chose choose 

So, to successfully end the struggle of picking out ill-fitting bras that are too tight, too loose or just too… not the right bra for you, I spoke with several underwear experts to get their tips and tricks for ending up with lingerie you love.

A few weeks ago I wrote an article on the 10 Bra Mistakes women make, this article here is the second part, with points to help you chose the perfect bra for you.

Finding the right bra will be comfortable on your body and also make your clothes fit and look better. Here are some need-to-know tips and tricks to remember next time you go bra shopping.

1. Measure your under band

A lot of women actually think that comfortable straps are a good indicator of a great bra. It is actually the under band of the bra that determines whether you’ll get the best fit possible, It is located beneath the bra cups. It is the part of the bra that is usually fastened in the back for most bras. The under band is the part of the bra that provides a majority of the support. It is very important that your under band fits correctly.

A properly-fitted under band should rest below your bust and around your rib cage. A band that digs in or rides up could signify that it’s too small and a loose band signals your band is too large. The main reason that straps tend to dig into shoulders is because the band is too loose, so all the work gets transferred to the straps. To measure your under band, Use a measuring tape to get your size. If you get an odd number, you round up to the nearest even to get your band size.

2. Measure your cups 

Bra cups play a big part in finding a great bra. Your cups should usually sit comfortably against your body, and never dig into your skin or be too loose. The cup of your bra should fully hold all of your breast tissue. To find your perfect cup size, you’re definitely going to want to get a precise measurement. You should also use a measuring tape, and loosely measuring around the fullest part of your breasts, with the tape straight across your back, bringing it to the front.

3. Calculate your bra size

Your bra size is usually found by subtracting your band size from your bust measurement. So, if your bust is 37 inches and your band is 34 inches, you would simply subtract 37 from 34 to get 3 inches. Each inch usually represents a cup size. So one inch would be an A, two would be a B, three would be a C, and so forth.

0 = AA

1 = A

2 = B

3 = C

4 = D

5 = DD

6 = DDD

4. Inspect the underwire

Especially if you have a bigger cup size, under-wiring gives breasts the shape and support that they deserve. The underwire is crucial in finding that great bra fit, so it is important for you to inspect the wiring when shopping for bras. The wire needs to be adjacent to your armpit, and the cups should lay flat on your breasts. There should not be an appearance of even the slightest gap, as this indicates the bra is a wrong fit.

Aside from gaps, other wiring red flags include ones that feel like they’re digging into your chest. This can make both you and your bra feel very uncomfortable.

5. Inspect the straps 

The majority of the support comes from the band, it’s just as crucial to making sure your straps are performing correctly. Straps that are too tight can make things quite painful for your back and shoulders. The straps serve to support the lift of the cup and should help to smooth and support the side of the breast. Straps should be worn comfortably, sitting easily over the shoulders while not falling off. If the straps are cutting in, they are too tight, and the band may be too loose.

6. Check fabrics

Fabrics are not as important as the band, straps or cups, but they should be right for your skin. They also determine if the bra will be comfortable for you.  Some fabrics can be really be irritating against the skin, making it important for you to pay extra attention to what kind of materials you select. When possible, always go for breathable and non-irritable fabrics, as they are usually gentle enough for sensitive skin types.

7. Do a comfort test 

No matter what kind of bra you choose, finding a comfortable piece generally means you’ve also found one that fits. Trying on your bra before purchasing — even if it’s the size you usually wear — is highly recommended. You can also decide to try it on with your favorite wardrobe pieces to see how they will look with them.


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