Work Outfit Ideas: 6 Work Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Needs


Dressing for work every day can be quite annoying. It’s either you play it safe which is boring or you are too scared your inner fashionista is not appropriate for work. 

I have always been the girl that can wear jeans and a tee-shirt everywhere, but that is not appropriate for work. You can still be a fashionista and still dress appropriately for work.

You don’t need enough shoes and clothes to fill a small apartment, you just need a few staples. You don’t need a hundred outfits, just a few that can be mixed and matched, will do.

You need to invest in few key pieces that can be worn together perfectly will take you right through the working week.

1. A black suit 


A basic suit – blazer, pants or skirt – is an essential item for every woman work wear wardrobe. Make sure you choose a blazer that fits perfectly and versatile enough to match your skirts and pants.

2. Black shoes- to heel or not to heel?


This is still highly debated. A lot of stylists will say you should wear heels. But if you are like me, I chose comfort over anything. While in the workplace, I go for flats.

Apparently, in the business world, women are still being judged on their style and appearance rather than talent, according to Forbes. Ultimately, if your feet kill you because of heels, you’re not going to be your best you, so opt for the flats.

3. A neutral colored, solid print dress


I’ll just say find a work appropriate Little Black Dress (LBD). But the dress doesn’t have to be black. It can be Navy blue, blue, grey, just make sure it’s a solid print dress. Whether it’s a body-con, A-line, or wrap, A dress is essential in any wardrobe. Better opt for styles with simple and minimal detailing that can be dressed up with your accessories or blazer.  You may dress up dress with a statement necklace when you feel a little creative, and wear a blazer with it to make your outfit look more formal.

4. Structured handbag


A sophisticated handbag is the perfect finishing touch to your new professional outfit. So, opt for a high-quality leather handbag that will serve you well for many years. Go for wider and more structured style that can accommodate all your essentials like paperwork, diaries, and laptop making them look organized and neat. Neutral shades, especially black is the most elegant shade you may go for. Bold colors, touch enticing textures, and creative prints add personality but avoid anything too flashy.

5. White shirt or blouse

Whether it’s a white button-down shirt, chiffon blouse, or pussy bow blouse, a white top is another wardrobe essential for every business woman. They’re also versatile enough to wear with printed skirts and blazers as well as plain ones to make your outfit office-appropriate.


Source of Images: Pinterest


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