Five Other Reasons Your Boobs Feel Lumpy


Feeling a lump in your breast can be scary because the first thing that comes to your mind is cancer. But doctors have said it’s not cancer all the time. Let’s check out five other reasons your boobs might be feeling lumpy. 

1. Menstrual cycle 

The hormonal changes of your menstrual cycle can cause your breast to swell and often feel different. At least half of all women will have some pain, tenderness and lumpiness in their breasts during this period. But not to worry it quickly goes when your period starts. Women between the  age of 30-50 should not be experiencing this. You should visit your doctor if you notice this.

2. Fibroadenoma

This is a non-cancerous lump and often happens to women under 40. Women are most likely to experience this in their 20’s. They are not usually painful. Sometimes they can disappear of their own accord or they can be removed. They tend to go after the menopause.

3. Infection

This often affects women who are breastfeeding. This happens when the ducts that carry the breast milk becomes blocked. It can also affect women who are not breastfeeding. Warm compresses, paracetamol and/or antibiotics may be needed.

4. Cysts

Cysts cannot turn into cancer and do not always need treating once the diagnosis has been confirmed. It often affects women approaching menopause. Cysts are round movable fluid filled lumps they get worse when your period arrives, but they don’t go away.

5. Lipoma

This is a non-cancerous fatty growth that develops within the fatty tissue of the breasts. It usually does not need any treatment, however, it can be removed if it is large or causing any symptoms.


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