Bad Habits No Grown Woman Should Have


I have often been told that women mature earlier than men, and as we grow older we mature like fine wine. You are supposed to become wiser as you age and lose most if the bad habits you had in your younger years. There are quite a number of things we got away with when we were younger but now, those habits are just plain immature. 

We tend to outgrow some of these habits as we grow older, but some have refused to die off. It’s not too late to reverse these habits. With determination, you can fix any one of  these. Let’s take a pick at some of the habits that should not follow a woman to adulthood. If you are a grown woman and still have some of these habits, it’s time to change.

1. Unhealthy relationships

If you feel miserable, it’s time for you to leave. You are a grown woman and you shouldn’t be in a bad relationship. You should also quit falling for “bad boys”. You are not a rebel without a cause, you are a mature woman that should be in a relationship with a man that loves and respects you.

2. Constantly complaining about your body 

Enough of that broken annoying record, you should embrace your body and stop complaining. If you don’t want to embrace, then you should do something about it. If you have any issues with your body, try hitting the gym and get the body you want.

3. Giving men false numbers

Any grown woman who still does this should be spanked. It was fun when we were teenagers, but we are not teenagers anymore. Just tell the guy straight up You are not interested. Giving him false numbers indicates you are giving him false hopes. Also giving out your number and not replying texts or answering calls is just rude. it’s better you don’t give him in the first place.

4. Not taking your health seriously

Mature women should take their health seriously. Nobody is immune to health issues and you are not invisible. You should visit your doctor if you notice anything unusual in your body. Also, you need to see your Gynecologist at intervals to make sure everything is right down there. You should also include fruits and vegetables in your diet and try as much as possible to eat healthily.

5. Getting into fights

Getting into fights is just stupidity. You should be acting civilized and not like a barbarian. Adults should settle issues without throwing punches (since all that does is give you a black eye).

6. Talking about your s3x life like it’s the news

It might be fun to trade s3x stories when you were younger, but you are grown now and s3x should be a personal thing, not the news. Everyone has a s3x life; there is nothing extremely special about it. The experience should be between you and your partner.

7. Not removing your makeup at the end of the day

You should always remove your makeup before hitting the sheets. There is no excuse for you not to. Leaving your makeup on can cause premature ageing and other skin issues.

8. Not exercising

You really need to exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes a day. You don’t have to do anything strenuous; you can also take a walk for 30 minutes. This will keep you healthy and also help you develop healthy habits.

9. Excessive social media use

If you are obsessed with social, you really have a problem. If you have so much idle time that all you do is check out social media, then you need a new hobby.

10. You’ve become an owl at night

Staying up all night should stay with your youthful years. No mature adult will enjoy being a night owl. You really need your beauty sleep, not only for your skin but your health also. To fight various diseases you need 6-8 hours of sleep most nights of the week. A good night’s sleep also helps you stay awake and fresh throughout the day.


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