Lipstick Mistakes You’re Probably Making


As they say; “Lipstick is a girl’s best friend” – well maybe after diamonds. Your makeup won’t look complete if you are not wearing lipstick, be it a nud3 color or bright red. Lipstick has also been said to uplift a girl’s mood and also make her feel s3xy. one thing about it, is that it’s high maintenance and we are prone to make mistakes while wearing it. I am sure you think you have the lipstick wearing process all figured out. Just swipe and go, well it can be a little bit more complicated than that.

Lighter hues are east to manage; you can just swipe it on and go. The outline of your lips won’t be as easily discernible, so you won’t have to worry about maintaining crisp edges. Also, if a more neutral color starts to wear off, it won’t appear as patchy as a darker shade would against your natural lip color. But can’t wear neutral colors all the time (even if we can, it just doesn’t seem right).

The formula of the lipstick also matters. Matte is the best formula, if you are looking for something that will last all day. Sheerer glossier formula will wear off more quickly than a matte formula and will require frequent applications. Now the question is, What mistakes are we making, that’s ruining our lipstick? Here are 8 of them.

1. You are not exfoliating 

Exfoliating removes the dead skin on our lips, leaving a smooth moisturized surface to apply your lip color. If we don’t exfoliate, our lipstick won’t look good on our lips. A DIY lip scrub you can try is sugar mixed with honey or coconut oil. This is perfect to exfoliate your lips and it is organic.

2. Applying lipstick over chapped lips

Nothing ruins lipstick application like chapped lips. One way to avoid this is by drinking enough water. You can also apply Vaseline or a lip balm before applying your lipstick.

3. You are not using a lip liner

I had always felt lip liners were not important when applying lipstick, but I was wrong. Lip liner plays a major role in lipstick application. When done correctly, this means long lasting lipstick and also your lipstick won’t bleed or feather out.

4. You are using too much liner

To keep your lips looking natural, don’t over apply lip liners on your lips. Not everyone can get away with it.

5. Not blotting your lips

Blotting helps to press color into your lips and also helps your lipstick last longer. Hold a single tissue over your lips and dust a setting powder on top of it.

6. Wrong shade for your lip size

Lipstick can make your lips look smaller or bigger, it all depends on the formula and shade. Dark, matte shades will make lips look thinner, while light, glossy, shimmery shades make lips look fuller.

Lipstick also has different undertones. Finding the right shade will help you pull your look together, without looking ill.

7. You are wearing too much lip gloss

It’s not compulsory to wear gloss after applying your lipstick. Gloss tends to slide off after an hour or so, and it can drag your lip color right down with it. Just dab a bit of gloss at the center of your lips if you want to wear gloss. This will just help enhance their natural shape.

8. You are not taking your lipstick with you

You never know when you’ll need to touch up and you most likely will. So carry your lipstick around so as to prevent your lipstick looking sloppy after just a few hours.


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