#ManCrushFriday : Terrence Howard


There are a few “older men’ that can be given the title #ManCrushFriday, But fortunately, Terrence Howard falls in this minority. Meet Terrence Howard the classically handsome actor with an engaging smile and insane work ethic. He is the definition of how fine wine gets better with age. Terrence has managed to still be relevant after over 20 years in Hollywood. 

Mr Howard is the lead star of Empire – the most talked about television series on Fox TV. Terrance plays the multimillionaire, Lucious Lyon.  He may not be muscular but there something about the 47-year old, when he appears on screen or when he speaks, most women end up fanning themselves. There are other reasons why we love the Chicago-born actor. Let’s highlight a few.

1. His Eyes


One of the best features on this yummy black man are his eyes. Mr Howard is blessed with green eyes, very beautiful green eyes we might add. He probably will still be attractive without them, but we are thankful we get to stare at them.

2. His sense of style

Way before he landed the role of impeccable dressed Lucious Lyon, Terrence has always had “grown man” style. It’s rare that you’ll see him in anything besides a well-tailored suit on the red carpet. He even adds some panache with a silk scarf or fedora.

3. Acting


Terrence has been in over 30 films, and his acting game in each one was on point. Whether he’s playing bad boy Jimmy on The Best Man (1999), Nelson Mandela on Winnie (2011), Hustler and pimp Memphis in Hustle & Flow (2005) or the drug dealer turned head of million dollar record label Lucious Lyon (2015), all we can say is that he is an excellent actor.

4. Family man

He may look like the stereotypical player, but he really isn’t. Terrence is a father of five and is married to his beautiful wife Mira Park.

5. Hot grandfather for the ladies


Hard to believe, but Mr Howard is a grandfather and a hot one at that.


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