Men’s Talk: How To Wear Converse


One of the world’s most famous sneakers is the Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars. It’s also one of the oldest; the brand will celebrate its 100th year anniversary in 2017. Many of us have owned a pair of Converse at one point in our lives, just to tell you how it hasn’t gone out of fashion in last 99 years. The Converse was synonymous with basketball players, but in recent times it has become the go-to casual footwear.  The design is timeless and vintage, as the company has barely changed its design in the last 99 years. Whether you are going for a smart casual style or a scruffy grunge vibe, Converse will work. 

It’s one of the few footwear that can be worn all year round, its classic show that will never go out of style. They are comfortable and the best part, they are affordable. They are versatile and can be worn in almost everything. The Converse comes in either the high-tops or the low tops. It also comes in different colors and patterns, giving you various options.

The most classic design is the white and black design. This color can be found in both the high-tops and low-tops. If you are just building your Converse All-Stars collection, I’ll advise you get them in this design. The Converse is perfection, and let’s talks about how you can wear this timeless footwear.

These are the three most common designs

The White High Top & Low Top Converse


The white Converse all stars is really bright and can brighten up your casual outfit. The white Converse is also the perfect choice to wear with a business casual outfit and can take you from day to night.

The low top is preferable on casual outfits. If you have to be careful so it won’t make your work outfit look too casual.

The Black and White High Top and Low Top Converse


This is the most versatile pair of sneakers ever. The black and white trim has been a staple of the Converse brand for years and is what makes them so great. This can be worn to the office or just on a casual look. This pair will be your friend no matter the occasion.

The Black High Top and Low Top Converse


This looks good when you are going for a monochrome look, but just be careful when you are wearing an all black outfit, so you don’t look like you going to a funeral. Keep things casual with your jeans or tee shirt when wearing the black converse. You should pair it with the skinny jeans as that looks less formal.

The Dos and Donts

  • Either make your outfit or your Converse make a statement. Don’t make it seem like both are competing for attention.
  • Don’t wear patterned converse with a patterned outfit.
  • You can combine the color of your converse with the color of your outfit or pattern
  • You may decide to wear you converse without shoelaces, but you have to be careful so it doesn’t look sloppy.
  • Don’t wear them with baggy or loose fitting jeans.
  • You should definitely wear converse with shorts.

Below are various ways you can decide to wear your Converse




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