Men’s Talk: Seven Shoes Every Man Should Own


If you ask the average woman how many shoes she needs, you’ll hear a large a number. Women will like to have shoes in every color for every design. Men don’t need to own 30 pairs of shoes. The average man owns 12 shoes, and I am sure that sounds like a large number of some men. 

One thing you should know about shoes is that they can make or break an outfit. they can amp up simple outfits or create clean, minimal lines for a more sophisticated look. No matter your style there are shoes out there that will match everything you love. A man of style should have an arsenal of proper shoes to take him through his week, whatever it may involve.

There are over a dozen types of shoes a man can own, but only if you have a fat paycheck or you’ve decided to be a shoe collector will you want to own every one of them. There are seven essential shoes I believe every man should own. Some of this shoes are a must, and they are versatile. Let me share with you, my seven essential shoes a man should own and how to wear them. Enjoy.

1. Oxfords


This is a formal shoe, and you’ll likely see them paired with  tuxedos. Oxfords and Derby shoes are similar but oxfords have closed lace as compared with derby’s which has open lace. You’ll see a line of stitches underneath the vamp for an oxford versus more space and no stitched line with a Derby. You can also pair your business suit with a pair of oxfords if you are attending a serious business meeting. It is something you should invest in if you want the boss to notice you, just saying.

2. Brogues


This is another must have. This is one shoe can easily go from business to casual. You can easily identifiable with their unmistakable perforations. You can wear them with a business suit or add a bit of formality when dressing business casual. You don’t have to stick to the traditional designs, as they are not quite comfortable. Many designers and brands are creating soles out of lightweight foam and cork for an extra summer casual look and they are very durable.

3. Loafers


This is the only type of shoe that looks good on native. It can both be worn, on natives, semi-formal, and casual looks. Loafers, depending on the material, can come off dressy or be very casual. Going for a nice neutral leather will help you compromise between the two. Loafers don’t have laces and they come in different styles.

4. Monk Strap


Monk straps were historically worn by monks, but this trend has evolved over time and has been embraced by various types of men. This remains one of the best shoes for men and they come either with a single or double strap. They can both be worn for formal and casual occasions if styled right. If you want to wear it on a suit, wear a brown or black monk strap. If you want to pair it up with a casual outfit then you can wear it in different leather or suede colors.

5. Chelsea boot


Every man should own a boot and the best you can invest in, is the Chelsea boot. This footwear is the first boot I fell in love with. Its has slim fitting ankles with an elastic panel. You should wear slim fitting trousers with them. Don’t wear wider leg styles with your boots.

6. Understated sneakers


I prefer this to regular sneakers because of its versatility. They are extremely comfortable and also easy to pair with your outfits. They are perfect for the office, going out during the weekends, the bar, just get them.

7. Boat shoes


Originally made to provide traction on slippery boat decks, but they are now considered a part of men’s daily wardrobe. They are perfect for the weekend. You can wear them with shorts, or just cuff your trousers.


Image source: Pinterest


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