Reasons Why Your Mum Will Be Your Best Friend For Life


“Mother, the female parent, most likely the one who gave birth to you, and nurtured you”. Some people who a mother is will give that response. If you ask me, I’ll probably say that and add a few extra’s (a lot of extra’s actually). My mother is the female parent who carried me in her womb, went through hours of labor, had a lot of sleepless nights all because of me, my number one fan, my partner in everything good, the woman who always worries about me, can give out her arm to make me happy, etc and a whole lot of other things.

From the time we were little, until our current age, there has been one woman totally invested in our happiness, our mothers. Truth is, there are horrible mothers out there but we still have amazing mothers. The average person will say his/her mother is the best in the world; well she is the best mother for you. All a good mother wants is to provide for you, protect you and love you during your best and worst times. A mother’s love is the best example of love at first sight (well, she actually fell in love with you the moment she found out she was pregnant).

Where can you find someone who will appreciate your humor and remind you not to bite your nails? Who will do things for you without any benefit for herself? Where can one find such a selfless, genuinely kind person? Home. There are so many reasons why we love our mothers, here are 25 reasons your mum will be your best friend for life.

1. She is your first best friend

Even before you knew the definition of friendship, your mum was your first best friend. The first person you told everything. She listened to the childish reasons why you don’t like someone in your class and she always made you feel safe.

2. She knows “everything” there is to know about you

This woman has watched you grow to who you are now; she knows every birthmark, scar etc on your body. Even when we try to hide things from her, she senses it. She knows when you are sad and upset even when you insist you are fine. Some call is “mother’s intuition”, but she really just cares about you.

3. She gives the best advice

Mothers always have something wise to say to you about everything. You may feel she acts like she knows all, the truth is, she seems wise because she has learned from her numerous mistakes and she doesn’t want you to make those mistakes.

4. She will always want to see you succeed

There is a reason why your mum always pushed you because she wants to see you succeed. She wants you to be the best you can be and make her proud and also give her bragging rights.

5. She’ll celebrate your success more than hers

Your mum will celebrate your success no matter how little more than hers. When you get a school award, your mum will probably celebrate it like you won the Nobel Prize.

6. You will never be too old you need your mum

No matter how old you get, you’ll always need your mum. You’ll always need her opinion or advice on something; You’ll always just want to talk to her. And when it’s your turn to be a mum, you’ll finally understand what they say when they say that no one can love you unconditionally like a mother can.

7. You are 100% sure she’ll always be there

If everyone leaves you, you are sure your mum will always be there for you, no matter what.

8. She can listen

Mothers are good listeners, No matter how tired she is when she gets back from work; she’ll always want to hear how your day went. Even if she is too tired, or busy to listen at that point, she’ll give a time when you can have her all to yourself and pour out whatever is bothering you.

9. You can talk for hours

You can talk to your mum for hours about almost everything. It is more intense when you guys are both interested in the same topic and you have so many things to say about it.

10. You can cry on her shoulder

Your mum’s shoulder is always there for you to cry on. Be it a low grade, heartbreak, she is always there for you to pour out your tears.

11. She is always going to come to your defense

Your mum is always there to defend you, and that’s because she knows you and won’t allow anyone treat you like sh*t.

12. She protects you like a tiger

Your mum is ready to protect you with her life. She is the one that will stop doing everything just to be by your side when you are ill or feel threatened.

13. She won’t judge you 

She just wants you to talk to her about anything. She won’t judge you no matter how hard it is.

14. She is always worrying about you 

Your mum is always going to worry about you no matter how grown you are. When you are even away in school, who call you often? Your mother.

15. She is your number 1 cheerleader

She is your number one supporter, fan and cheerleader

16. She makes you feel special

Even when you are at your worse, mothers can still make you feel special. She can make you feel like the number 1 person in the world.

17. She cares about your appearance

She won’t let you leave the house looking like a homeless man.

18. She reminds you, you are beautiful

She always tells you how beautiful you are and how you learn to love yourself.

19. She spoils you 

Mothers spoil their kids more than they do themselves.

20. She indulges in all your fantasies

Remember all the time she missed her shoes, just so you can watch a cartoon, or the time she played hospital with you just to keep your dream of being a doctor alive?

21. She was with you every time you did something stupid

You will feel too embarrassed to tell your mum when you do something stupid, but you know she’ll still be there or you despite it.

22. You go out shopping together

You guys go out shopping together, and you use that time to bond and get to know each others style. The best part is you can both wear the same outfit, Twinning.

23. She is funny 

No one cracks you up like your mum.

24. She is an amazing cook

Remember those times you are away from home and all you can think of are your mum’s meals?

25. You most likely act like her

You have 50% of her DNA and you’ve lived with her for a long time, you most likely act like her. You may have it, but am sure you still laugh when you think about it.


Mothers can sometimes be annoying but we all can’t deny that they will always be our best friends.


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