A man doesn’t have to look like a movie star to be sexy. There are little things that men wear that makes them look hot. It’s really frustrating when men think that fashion is such a confusing puzzle, well it’s not. Here are 5 fashion essentials to sex up your wardrobe. 

1. A well-tailored suit


I am always going to say it, a man is a well-tailored suit is just damn sexy. Make sure your suit is the right fit and you do not make mistakes to ruin your outfit.

2. A button-down shirt with sleeves rolled up


There is just something sexy about exposed forearms

3. Khakis rolled slightly at the ankle


This shows a hint of skin, and it is just sexy,

4. A good watch


Thanks to our phones, most people are not bothered about watches anymore. but there is something classy about a man who wears a good watch. You don’t have to spend a fortune just to get one, just make sure it’s classy.

5. The right shoes


This is a struggle. most men can’t identify the kind of shoes to wear with different outfits. some shoes are just meant for formal wear, some for casual and some should not just be worn on native. Do not wear lace-up shoes with native wear

Initially I wanted to stop at five but I think the list needs a Number six.

6. The right amount of Cologne

If a man wear is a cologne correctly, it is just damn delicious. Don’t just pour a lot on your body, it just ruins the smell and the feel.


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