Do I Have Vaginal Odor?


Let’s see, Is your vagina supposed to smell? YES or NO. Well, that question only you can answer that.Now let’s get to the issue at hand. Your vagina is supposed to smell, so no matter what that guy tells you, just know your vagina has a smell. But sometimes the odor could mean there is a problem. There are about 5 common reasons why your vaginal area could be emitting a bad smell.

1. Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)

2. Trichomoniasis

3. Yeast Infection

4. Poor Hygiene

5. Retained or forgotten tampon

There are about eight smells your vagina can emit, some are normal while others say there is a problem.

1. Musky

A musky smell is just a heavier version of how your vaginal area is supposed to smell. it just means you’ve been sweating a lot and you most likely need a bath.

2. Fishy

If your vaginal area has a strong fishy smell, you probably have Bacterial Vaginosis. BV has no symptoms but if you experience itching, a thick, frothy discharge that’s usually white or grey with the smell you most likely have BV.

 3. Bleachy

This is not serious. This depends on what lubricants you use during sex and whether or not you use a condom.

4. Yeast or Bread or Beer

This could be because you have a yeast infection. you can use Anti fungal medication or just go see your doctor.

5. Metallic

This happens when you are going through your menstrual period and it because if the blood. You can also get this smell if your vagina has contact with semen

6. Sour or stale

Trichomoniasis makes your vaginal area smell like this and you need to use antibiotics or preferably see your doctor.

7. Sweet, Onions or Garlic

What we eat sometimes affect the smell of our vaginal area. Citrus fruits like oranges, pineapples can make the area smell sweet while when we take onions and garlic it gives an unpleasant odor. But not to worry it’s nothing serious.

8. Rotten meat or something dying

This could be because of a forgotten tampon and you need to see your doctor immediately.

To keep your vagina healthy,

1. Use a small amount of mild unscented soap and lots of water when cleaning your vaginal area.

2. Avoid douching. Douching is washing or cleaning out the vagina with water or other mixtures of fluid. Douching can affect the normal acidity of your vagina.

If you feel uncomfortable with any smell emitting from your vaginal, see your doctor immediately.


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