Men vs. Women: Who Are The Worst Gossips?


There’s been an age-long debate about who gossips the most between men and women. The word ‘gossip’ is usually identified with women, even though men are also known to gossip. The question now is who is the worst of the two parties? Women love to gossip but could it be that men love it even more?



Naturally, women are talkers. We express ourselves by talking about how we feel. And most times it’s a way of bonding with other women. Whenever a group of women are talking, people (men especially) usually assume that they are gossiping but they are probably just talking. It only becomes gossip when you start talking about someone else. Gossip comes easily to women because they are naturally equipped to. Women will talk about almost anything from work to relationships, fashion and clothes, celebrity gossip, almost nothing is off-limits. They can discuss about a lot of things, jumping from topic to topic, gossip to some women is like stress relief.



Despite the general belief that men are more action than talk, they always seem to be very expressive when it comes to gossip; especially around their ‘guys’ or ‘homeboys’. When a group of guys are together they most likely are gossiping. Men mostly gossip about themselves, what’s going on at work, sports and women. Topics can range from a friend who is having an affair, a pregnant ex-girlfriend, a friend having money problems, etc. But to them it’s not gossiping, it’s just ‘talk’ or ‘gist’. Which is why men will never admit to gossiping. But they do gossip. They just call it something else. It can start with a simple ” How far with Michael naw?” Is he still having money troubles” Some will even go has far as calling the supposed Michael to get fresh gist and find out if he is indeed having financial woes. Men are also very bad at keeping secrets, a woman will keep a secret forever or at least an hour, but tell it to a man and it will be revealed in minutes.

My conclusion is women love to gossip and are known for gossiping but in reality, men are really the worst gossips. So if you have a secret you want to keep, don’t tell a man.


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