Men’s Talk: 10 Tips For Buying A Timeless Suit


If you are considering buying your first suit or you just want something that timeless and classic, here are 10 tips you should keep in mind when shopping for a suit.

10. Understand your budget.

Always know what you can afford before you buy a suit.This will give you an idea as to what your limit is and also you know your options

9. A two-button piece


The two button suit is modern and at the same time classic and it literally fits everyone

8. Know your fabrics.

Suits come in different fabrics. you should get something that you can wear all year round. A mid-weight wool is perfect.

7.Buy Basic colors

Buy simple basic colors when you are buying a timeless suit. colors like dark grey, Navy blue and charcoal are perfect as they are timeless.

6. Lapels


Most suits come with a basic notch lapel. This is perfect because it’s timeless and it fits everyone.

5. Vents


There are two types of suit vents, the center vent and the double side vent. Just Don’t buy a jacket without a vent. You don’t want to end up looking like a page boy

4. Jacket sleeves

Your jacket sleeves should end at your wrist bone. This means an inch of your shirt should show.

3. Your pants

Buy longer pants and have your tailor hem them. And remember they shouldn’t be too long or too short. The length of your trousers should never go past the top of your laces

2. Dry cleaning

Remember that you should only dry clean your suit twice in a year. as regular dry cleaning ruins the fabric.

1. Always remember to follow your instincts, buy what fits you and not what is trending.

I’ll advise you wear a button-up shirt when you go suit shopping as this will give you an idea of how the suit will look when you are dressed up. Also after getting your suit you should ensure not to make common  mistakes when you wear your suit.


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