Misconceptions About Dating A Drama Queen


I recently read an article on a blog titled 8 signs you are dating a drama queen. Now am not saying people or rather men should not write articles like that, but when an article antagonizes drama queens I guess I take an offense in that. Drama queens are a misunderstood set of people and men will just have to understand that there is a bit of drama in every woman.

The thing is I am DRAMA QUEEN. It is something I have always been and I have learnt to deal with it and accept it. But I have never heard any guy tell me that dealing with me is like intentionally diving into the ‘Olumo rock’. Even psychologist make it sound like being passionate about something is bad. Even the so called professionals don’t understand that we don’t find drama, it finds us.

It’s not our fault our lives are bubbly and yours seems so drab. It’s not our fault anytime we do something it has to be big, for example, I like to make a statement with my hair color.

Now, back to the article that gave birth to this, the writer of the article claims you are dating a drama queen if

1.She throws tantrums to rejuvenate herself. This only happens if you are dating a seven-year-old. We don’t throw tantrums just to feel better. We do like being the center of attention but no woman who truly loves you will frustrate you to get anything she wants, drama queen or not.


2.Your friends hate her. If your friends hate me then they are the ones with the problem. If your friends hate your babe, it’s either they have a problem or the girl is a whiner. So please don’t label her a drama queen because of that, kids whine not grown women.


3.If she never praises you and only recognizes your weakness, bros she doesn’t deserve you and that doesn’t make her a drama queen. A drama queen will most likely over praise you and try to make you better.


4.We sometimes blow things out of proportion but truth is we can’t help it. It’s just the way we are, but remember that we always see reason at the end.


5.’Her Never Ending Doubts Can Go To Any Extent’. This just cracked me up. If she doubts you then she has trust issues. Don’t label her a drama queen or don’t think that drama queens always have trust issues.


6.Manipulation…if she manipulates you that doesn’t make her a drama queen she is just an emotionally abusive partner. And please both men and women manipulate.


One thing you should know is, drama queens are an exciting set of people. I mean what is life without a bit of drama. So don’t get it twisted dating a drama queen is not a life sentence and if you can’t deal with dating one, then your life is a bore.


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