The Jeans Guide For Curvy Women


If you are plus size/curvy, jeans shopping can be tricky and frustrating. It is hard to find jeans that make you look good and feel good at the same time. A lot of women just end up wearing jeans that are not meant for their shape or even denim in the wrong size. 

I have had my own share of jean shopping madness. Many times, have found myself trying over 10 pairs of jeans that don’t fit right, it’s just crazy.

A number of curvy women have even complained that they are discouraged to shop for jeans. Well, shopping for jeans will still have its bad side, but having the right tools when shopping will make the experience easier and more fun.

Not to worry, this is the tools to help when shopping for denim.

1. What is your body shape?


Plus-sized women fall into four basic body shapes: apple, pear, hourglass, and rectangle. To determine your body shape, place yourself naked and take your body measurements. If you are apple shaped, that means your waist measurement is much larger than your hip or bust measurements. If you are pear shaped, that means your bust and waist measurements are similar, but your hips are larger. If you an hourglass figure, your bust and hip measurement is similar with your waist significantly smaller. And if you are rectangular, your bust, waist and hips measurements are relatively the same.

2. Know your denim cuts

There are five popular leg cuts in women’s jeans. The Skinny jeans, straight-leg jeans, boyfriend jeans, boot-cut jeans and the flared jeans. Skinny jeans have a tight fit on the body. They snug the hips and things all the way to the ankles. Straight-leg jeans fit more relaxed in the hips and thighs with legs that go straight down without tapering or flaring so they are uniform. Boyfriend jeans are often worn cuffed at the bottom, and they are tight on the hips and have straight legs. Boot-cut jeans are very flattering and they come with a tight fit across the thighs and a slight flare at the bottom. Flared jeans are tight to the knee and have an exaggerated opening at the lower leg.

3. Jean cuts for your body type

Apple shape – Women who are apple-shaped should draw attention away from their midsection (tummy). Jeans cut like High waisted jeans, especially those with control panels in the stomach area will be perfect in hiding the midsection. Also, the boot-cut is also flattering. If you want to wear the skinny jeans, please wear with a larger shirt that is flattering so as to emphasize shapely legs instead of showing a big tummy.

Pear shape – Pear shaped women aim to balance their hips, so boot-cut or flared jeans helps to draw attention down the leg and create a sense of balance. Skinny jeans will only emphasize that you have large hips.

Hourglass shape – Balance is key for women like this. Straight leg cut is perfect for women like this. Anything more exaggerated than the boot-cut is not advised. You can also wear the skinny jean but make sure it fits right because it can make you look short.

Rectangle shape – Try to stick to slim and regular fits. avoid anything baggy because you are trying to create a waist line. Try the straight leg or boot-cut jeans.

Having considered all these, always have in mind that:

1. Dark wash jeans are slimming, so the darker the better.

2. Always look for jeans that stretch, they are more comfortable

3. Stay away from baggy jeans and jeans that are too tight.

4. And finally, don’t be scared to try as many styles as possible. The goal is to find something that makes you look and feel good.


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