Top 5 Positions for Morning Sex


Many couples don’t get the time to have sex as a result of their busy schedules and lifestyle. But morning sex is a great way to keep your sex life alive without disrupting your work schedule. Kick start your day by trying these sex positions, without hindering your morning routine.

My #1 is a Shower Sex


Shower plus sex is the best way to multitask. Not only do you save time instead of bathing separately, you also save water. It is usually best standing in the shower, turn on the hot water to keep things steamy and hot. Then you can gently wash each other off afterwards.

The Second I really don’t like; #2 Spooning


It is basically called spooning because you snuggle up behind each other and fit like two spoons. For those who already cuddle when they sleep, you’re basically halfway there by the time you wake up. Spooning is the best option for those who can’t take a shower together. It makes no room for kissing (morning breath, ugh) but it’s still intimate and you don’t have to look at each others swollen morning faces.

#3 Cowboy


It’s the dude version of cowgirl. He crouches on top of you with his legs folded underneath, as explained in Women’s Health (it makes a lot more sense when you see the illustration). It’s an easy way to shake up your morning.

#4 Scissors


Yes, couples can enjoy this one, too. As explained in Fitness, scissors is a low-stress position that can be very gentle. It’s the perfect way to kick off your day.

And my last one is the; Missionary


If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. According to Elite Daily, it’s one of the top sex positions for both men and women. If that’s still a bit vanilla for your palate, there are easy ways to make missionary sex hotter.

So now that you know the best positions for morning sex, don’t run off just yet. There are some rules involved:


Take a leak first: Urine has a way of disrupting the whole process. It’s impossible to climax while you’re pressed. So get up to  pee first, it will only take a minute.

No Kissing: Some people don’t mind morning breath, some do. So save the kissing for another time. Or at least brush your teeth before you get into it.

Make it short: Unless you’re both not going to work, morning sex is meant to be quick, so don’t go on for hours. Try to make it short and pleasurable for both parties.

Be gentle: If you’re going to have quick sex, be gentle about it. If she’s just waking up, caress her gently to get her in the mood.


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