Things Ladies Can’t Resist in a Man


You ever wondered why ladies find some men irresistible? Here are five things ladies find very hard to resist in a man.

When You Dress well


There’s just something about a man that dresses well. Either in casual jeans or a fitted suit, ladies are attracted to well-groomed men. Make sure you always wear well-tailored clothes that fit your body frame. Also, a nice haircut every once in a while, won’t hurt. Shoes matter a lot too.

Great cologne


Ladies love a great cologne, not the kind that she can smell a mile away. But the kind that makes her want to borrow your shirt, sleep in it and never wash it. I am a perfume lover myself and great cologne is a big turn on for me.



Confidence is when you look good and you know it. Ladies love a man that is sure of himself. When you try to be humble, it makes you seem like you have a low confidence and self-esteem. So next time you talk to a lady, sell yourself. Just try not to be too cocky; that’s a turn-off.

When she can’t predict you


A woman loses interest in you when you become predictable. Why do you think women are attracted to bad boys? Because they can’t control or predict what they’ll do next. So try to surprise her once in a while. Kiss her spontaneously in public, take her to a surprise dinner, send her cupcakes. Just make sure it’s romantic and thoughtful.

Groom a beard


I don’t know what it is about a well-groomed beard that makes a woman want to fan herself. Women find beards irresistibly sexy. Beards also make you look older and more rugged, especially if you have a baby face. It’s the bad boy syndrome again, you look dangerous or intimidating, she gets attracted to you. Note that it has to be well-groomed, except if you’re going for the Dumbledore look (not sexy).


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