Are You In An Emotionally Abusive Relationship?


A lot of individuals find themselves in emotionally abusive relationships but are not aware of it. It is not only when the abuse is physical you claim to be in an abusive relationship, it could also be emotional.

The emotional abuse here isn’t the one where he is always insulting you or cursing you it can very well be underhanded or subtle. You may find yourself feeling confused about the relationship, off balance or like you are “walking on eggshells” all the time. This is the kind of abuse that often sneaks up on you as you become more settled in the relationship. emotional abuse is also when your partner is trying to control you or manipulate you. These are 10 signs you are in an emotionally abusive relationship

1. They Isolate you: When your partner starts isolating you from your family and friends there is definitely a problem. There is nothing wrong with the individual wanting to spend quality time with you but when they don’t want you to have a relationship with other people outside the relationship, it is very unhealthy.

2. Unnecessarily jealous: You may feel that your partners’ jealousy shows that he/she really loves you but when it’s going out of hand it is unhealthy. If you partner is getting jealous because someone likes or comments on your picture on Instagram there is probably a problem. the emotionally abusive partner isn’t only jealous of the people you are close to, but also with your dreams and goals. The person will want to control your aspirations.

3. You are emotionally distressed: When you don’t know what to expect from your partner it can’t be nerve wrecking. one-minute your partner is all loving and the next he is punishing you for something you know nothing about. This is manipulation and it’s really bad.

4. Arguments tend to escalate quickly: Arguments can be healthy for a relationship, but when they tend to escalate very quickly there is a problem.

5. Constant put downs: No matter what you do, its never right. your partner never acknowledges your achievements instead you are belittled.

6. You are nervous around them: If you feel any form of fear around your partner, its time to walk away. Abusive partners will do anything to control you.

7. You feel trapped: When you start to liken your relationship to a maximum prison, its time to walk away.

8. You feel guilty all the time: If you are at the point where you always feel guilty for whatever happens in the relationship, then your partner is most likely manipulating you.

9. They blame you for their problems: if your partner is always blaming you for their problems then there is a problem. You are not the one who made the choice that landed them in whatever situation they are in. So if your partner is always blaming you then they don’t deserve you.

10. They threaten you: He/she may not threaten you physically, but when your partner threatens to cheat on you there is a problem. They may even threaten yo hurt themselves if you leave them, they are emotionally manipulating you.


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