Men’s Talk: Understanding Your Underwear


Some guys will argue that the state of your underwear doesn’t really matter. Nobody’s going to see it, they’ll tell you, please do not listen to them. Every man deserves great underwear.

What a lot of guys understand as underwear is the popular boxer shorts, most men have only the boxer shorts in their closets.  Some men who think it is less masculine to wear any type of underwear apart from boxer briefs, you are so wrong. One thing we should understand is that men’s underwear comes in many styles and materials to suit various body types and outfits. Loose styles offer comfort for lounging, form-fitting designs provide support, and sexy cuts are preferred for intimate encounters. So men don’t have to stick to boxer shorts for all occasions.

1) Low-rise briefs


This type of underwear is a slightly cropped version of the full rise Y-front briefs which cover a larger area. When choosing this type of underwear please avoid bright colors.

Who should wear this type of underwear

Men of all body types can wear low rise briefs.

2) Full rise briefs


Full rise briefs extend from the waist area right to the end of the buttocks while enveloping the sides with a Y-shape that is less prominent than smaller underwear.

Full rise briefs are bigger than their low-rise counterparts but smaller than a boxer brief which covers a portion of the thigh too.

Teenagers and guys in their twenties should ideally avoid this style of underwear if they want to be trendy and not made fun off. White is the classic color for full rise briefs.

Who should wear this type of underwear

This will look good on most body types. If you feel you can pull this off you can choose to wear boxer shorts.

3) Boxer shorts


This is the most popular type of underwear, boxer shorts are a popular choice because they are a very comfortable type of underwear for men. They are available in various colors and patterns.

They are similar to shorts except they are generally made from cotton and have an elastic at the waist.

Men who are into sports should avoid boxer shorts because this style does not provide sufficient support for physical activities.

Also, Boxer shorts should not be worn in suits or business clothes this is because the crease of the excess material may show from the outside of formal pants.

Who should wear this type of underwear

Men of all body types can wear boxer briefs.

4) Boxer briefs


Boxer briefs combine the coverage of boxers with the support of briefs. They are perfect for men who are athletic and need support. This is a must have for all athletic men.

Who should wear this type of underwear

this is perfect for athletic men. Men with skinny legs and obese men should avoid this type of underwear.

5) Trunks


Trunks are like boxers except the legs are shorter. They are comfortable and provide a lot of support at the same time.

Who should wear this type of underwear

Trunks will look good on most men. So if you are avoiding boxer briefs you should get trunks.

6) Thongs


A thong is a type of underwear which provides bikini-like coverage at the front but only has a thin strip of cloth at the back, leaving the buttocks exposed.

Who should wear this type of underwear

It’s a personal choice if you feel comfortable wearing it.


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