Men’s Talk: Your Guide To Dressing ‘Business Casual’


What is Business Casual?

The term “business casual” refers to the casual, but professional and neat clothing worn during your company’s employment hours, whether in or out of the traditional office setting. It is more casual than formal business wear but more formal than street clothes. Although casual, it is still the clothing you wear to represent your company in dealing with clients and fellow employees.

Most men don’t have to wear the formal suit and tie every day, that’s only if you find yourself in the financial world. To the other group of men that don’t find themselves in industries where you have to look formal, Business casual is the way to dress.

Business casual is very risky because it allows you to show your personality and style. an outfit you may tag business casual could be seen as sloppy to someone else. One thing to understand is there are no universally established rules to dressing business casual. so how is a guy suppose to dress while keeping his style respectable and his boss happy? The following are my eight guidelines to dressing business casual.

1. Dark Jeans with no rips, or studs: Nothing wrong in wearing denim to the office but make sure its rip free. Keep your washed out ripped jeans for the weekend or when you go out with your friends.


2. Sneakers?: If you are allowed to wear sneakers to work, wear one that combines simple designs with high-end materials. classic designs work best, don’t go to work in your Air Jordans.


3. Accessories: Accessories help to add personality to an outfit, but don’t over do it. stay away from overly patterned socks, they can sometimes make you look like a clown.


4. Don’t wear loose clothing: your definition of casual could be loose, but loose clothing indicates you are sloppy. you should wear clothing that skims your frame. dress strong so you will be taken seriously.


5. Should I wear a tie? : A tie is a very crucial piece to a formal wear, so you can ditch the tie. But if you are someone who isn’t comfortable without a neck piece you can try a Scarf ( that is if the Nigerian weather allows for it) or you can wear a knit tie. remember to pair the tie with a patterned shirt so it won’t look too dressy.


6. Should your shirt be tucked in?: This all depends on the shirt. Flat hemmed shirts; textures like denim, chambray, flannel; and casual cotton oxfords with short tails are all best worn untucked. An untucked shirt’s hemline should hit around the middle of the back pocket.

7. Own a blazer: Blazers are the alternatives to the formal suit. a navy blazer, for example, goes with anything. you can decide to wear a button-up shirt with the blazer leaving the first two buttons open. You can also decide to pair it with a crewneck or V-neck t-shirt.


8. Cardigans: Cardigans are also great substitute for blazers. You can pair your button-up shirt and tie with a cardigan.




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