Moments People Wearing Glasses Will Understand


So I have been wearing prescription glasses for a while now, and its been a journey. There is the good, the bad and the just so annoying moments of wearing prescription glasses. This is a list of 15 moments people wearing glasses will understand.

  1. Being constantly called “Oju Igo”

Am sure you’ve either been called four eyes, extra eyes or the popular Yoruba one “oju igo”. I have had my own fair share of the names.

  1. The idea that people wearing glasses is “smart”

I have nothing against people thinking that way, I mean most of us won’t deny that we did enjoy people thinking that way about us.

  1. That moment your glasses breaks

I have had my own fair share of moments like this.  I just make do with what have got, Super glue to the rescue.

  1. Trying to lie down

Imagine that moment you want to lie down to read a book, but you can’t  because you are scared of breaking your glasses. Sighs, the struggle.

  1. Trying to drink something hot

The fog that comes up on your glasses when you are trying to drink a hot beverage, annoying.

  1. Constantly having to clean your glasses

Constantly having to clean your glasses can be annoying, can you please just stay clean all day.

  1. People always asking to try on your glasses

Doing this isn’t going to make you see well. Everything will just end up being blurry and you’ll just end up with a headache. Some will even ask saying, let me see “how blind you are”? I am not blind, I only have an eye defect.

  1. People taking your glasses without asking you.

This is just rude. Why will you just take my glasses without asking?

  1. Rain

Having to wear your glasses when it’s raining….sighs.

  1. When you can’t find them

So you can’t find your glasses and you realize you actually need your glasses to find them. Or you can’t leave the house till you find them.

  1. When your shirt isn’t the right material to clean your glasses

Most of us use our shirts to clean our glasses (even if it’s bad). It’s just so painful when you realize you have to clean your glasses but your shirt isn’t the right material for the job.

  1. When it’s super sunny and you still can’t see with your glasses

What’s the essence of wearing this if I am still going to end up squinting?

  1. Driving at night

The glare from the headlights of other drivers can make the driving experience at night very painful.

  1. When your glasses get loose

When your glasses gets loose, and you always have to keep pushing it back to place.

  1. Wearing mascara

Women understand this. When you wear your glasses immediately after wearing mascara, this will just leave black smudges on your lenses. This can be quite annoying to clean.


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