What most ladies want is a flat stomach and who can blame us. We are exposed daily to pictures of sexy women on the internet with their #bodygoals and #bikinibods and we just can’t help but want a trimmer figure. Here are four tips on how to get a flatter stomach in no time.

1. Start a flexible diet: Most people want a flat tummy but can’t stomach the idea of going through rigid diets and harsh workouts. You can try going on a loose diet as I like to call it. A flexible diet is basically about eating right not eating less. So instead of skipping breakfast, eating a big healthy meal is a better option.



2. Take less drinks: Soda, beer, and packaged drinks contribute to weight gain especially around your waistline. This is because most of these drinks contain chemicals to make them taste and look good, our bodies can’t digest these things because they are not food so they get stored as fat instead.


3. Eat more fresh food: Eating more of freshly made food rather than packaged ones. By fresh food I mean nutritious, unprocessed, home-made food. To lose weight, I would recommend that you eat only home-cooked meals and skip the fast-food (this includes fried food). Also try not to over-cook your food so as to retain the nutrients. Fresh fish like salmon is also a good source of protein.


4. Supplement with exercise: A healthy diet should be supplemented with exercise. Remember that numbers 1-3 were focused on what we put into our body. It’s garbage in garbage out, as they say, we are what we eat. For weight loss, figuring out what to eat is key then you can add some abs routine to shake off the extra flesh.


5. Extra tip -Hydrate: Drinking a lot of water also helps to flush out some toxins. For busy people like me who often forget to drink water except after lunch, always keep a water bottle handy wherever you go so you can stay hydrated.


The key to a gorgeous body is to live a healthy life and most importantly, self-love. Wishing you all the best on your fit-fam journey.


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