Ways To Get Over A Breakup


Heartbreak hurts a lot. It sometimes feels like your world is coming to an end, well that part of your life has definitely come to an end. Quite a number of people have fallen into depression after a bad break-up. The truth is it is going to get better. You can definitely get over a breakup.

It sucks to end up with a broken heart but the good news is that there are ways you can speed up the mending process of your heart.

  1. Accept the end:  A breakup is the end of a relationship so you have to accept that it is truly the end. Don’t start to wonder what you did wrong or start to second guess your decision or even wait for him to call. One of you wasn’t happy in the relationship and you both have to move on.
  2. It is OK to cry: Suppressed emotion can lead to depression, so it’s OK to cry or to be angry. It will help the mending process.
  3. Enough of the sad love songs: You can listen to ‘Unbreak My Heart’ when you are feeling better. Sad love songs will only make you feel sorry for yourself.
  4. Don’t hold a grudge: Regardless of what happened in your relationship, do not hold a grudge. You should not hate your ex for whatever happened, and don’t go around telling people that he/she is a bad person
  5. Avoid your Ex for a while: keeping in touch with your ex when your heart is still mending is going to hurt you. If possible delete him/her from your social media pages.
  6. Hang out with your friends: Many people isolate themselves from their friends as soon as they get into a relationship. Restore your relationship with your friends and family after a break-up, this will help you get better fast.
  7. Do Things that make you happy: Get yourself involved in activities to make you happy. It could be hobbies you’ve not had time for or some kind of activity that you’ve always wanted to do. Just make yourself happy.
  8. Love Yourself: You may feel like you are a failure after the end of a relationship. Always remember that you are an amazing, interesting person. One person out there is going to appreciate you.

Image source: huffingtonpost.ca


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