Ways To Re-Invent Your Wardrobe


Taking inventory of your wardrobe means to evaluate the kind of clothes you have; those that need to be mended, given away or discarded. This is very important and most often is the reason why ladies complain about having nothing to wear when the wardrobe is full of clothes. The truth is most of the clothes may no longer fit or look as good as before. The advantage of doing this is you know exactly what you have to work with.



After taking inventory, you should know which clothes need to be mended. Some people discard an item after it gets torn or loses a button. Or if you’re like me keeping it forever in the fix-it basket until it no longer fits. Try at least once a month to fix or amend clothes that need to be fixed. Also owning alint-roller is a plus. It helps to remove lint and wool from clothes and keep it in good condition. For some of your really pricey dresses or clothes, you can keep them in a plastic bag so it doesn’t get wrinkled or stained and is always ready to wear.



Having to pick an outfit among a sea of clothes can be stressful and tiring. Try to keep your wardrobe organized at all times to make it easier to pick an outfit. Folding your clothes rather than hanging is better if you have limited wardrobe space.



I try to keep my wardrobe as arranged as possible but I find out that when looking for a new outfit to put together I end up disorganizing it again. The solution I came up with was to plan outfits I would wear for the week. Then re-plan the next week. This way picking an outfit to wear every day becomes even easier.



You can wear one outfit in numerous ways, you just have to be creative. And yes you can wear one outfit more than once on Instagram, it’s not a crime. You can squeeze 3 or 4 looks from a clothing item. Look for interesting ways to wear it more than once. Don’t be limited to just one look.


I would like to hear from you. Do you have any extra tips for wardrobe maintenance? Have you tried any of the tips above, if so did it work for you? Let me know in the comments.


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