Signs Of A Committed Relationship


Relationships are quite often happy at the beginning at over time you want to be certain about the direction your relationship is headed. You want to be sure if it’s a committed one. These days the boyfriend or girlfriend title is no longer enough, you have to show signs that it’s a committed one. Nobody wants to be with a time waster. When you are heading into a relationship you are, you usually desire a committed one. A committed relationship is an interpersonal relationship based upon a mutually agreed-upon commitment to one another involving exclusivity, love, trust, honesty, openness, or some other agreed-upon values-Wikipedia. Does saying ‘I Love You’ make your relationship a committed one? Is living together a sign of a committed relationship? Or does making it official with the family a sign of commitment? What are the signs of a committed relationship?

Here’s a list of Six (6) common signs of a committed relationship.

  1. Time Spent Together

One of the significant signs of a committed relationship is when two people spend lots of time together. Please not that this time spent together should not be at the expense of each others social life. When in love, you spend so much time together and think about one and other each and every second. It tells you that the person is so much involved in your life as much as you are in theirs. It tells you that you both enjoy each others company. Time is of the scarce commodity, if you find yourself someone who chooses to make time for you (even with their busy schedule) on a regular basis is a good sign that you are in a committed relationship.

  1. You Get A Key

Yes having a key is a big deal. You don’t give your house key to insignificant people. That’s the key to your privacy. Whoever has the key can come in as they desire and leave when they choose to. If one or both of you have keys to the others house, you’re in! I mean, how many people have keys to your place? Chances are not many, but if they do and they’re not your parents, it’s a good sign you’re in a committed relationship.

  1. Intelligent Conversation, always interesting

When you find yourself a person with whom conversations never get old and boring. Whether it’s about work, or friends, or family, or just plain everyday routine, every conversation keeps on extending without you knowing.  You both always lose track of time, you forget how long you have spoken for, OMG, and such a relationship is bliss, sheer bliss.

  1. Vacations Together

Have you ever wondered why the Kardashian sisters always take vacations together? They go about together to create irresistible memories. Generally speaking, people who take vacations together not only enjoy each others company, but are happy to make memories together. So, if you find someone who is willing to create lasting memories with you, that is a sign that you are in a committed relationship.

  1. You Make Decisions Based on the other person’s situation

Has your mate traded in that meat-lover’s pizza for your vegan one or their favorite dessert because of your nuts allergy? Well, you can be sure that when they start making changes to their routines and behaviors based on your beliefs, situation, or circumstance there’s no doubt that they’re committed. I mean, who else does that?

As in any relationship, it’s up to the people in them to convey love, respect and trust irrespective of how long they ultimately last. A committed relationship means that you are responsible for a lot of things, also the other person’s well-being. When you are truly in love with one another, you will always think about them before making any major decisions.

  1. You Plan Your  Future Together

If you consider that the average life expectancy is between 70 and 80 years of age and that a third of that time is spent sleeping, the fact that you and your sweetheart talk about how to spend the hours you have remaining together is significant. When you’re single you can make decisions based on your wants alone.


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