Silly Things You Do That Wastes Your Time


Time is a scarce commodity and you have to utilize it maximally. Have you ever wondered why you make a list of things you want to do during the day, but by the time you check your clock its sunset and you are yet to achieve anything. You get to wonder, what exactly did you do today? Why are you wasting so much of your time doing silly things, that doesn’t help you? What are the silly things you do that waste your time?  I think one reason why we indulge in time wasters is because we’re afraid to go after our dreams.

Another reason is that we live in an ever changing world. Thanks to technology, today’s world is fast paced and it requires so much focus to achieve anything and everything. If you want to get things done, you have to chart your own course. Everyone gets 86,400 seconds everyday to do as they desire. You are solely in charge of those seconds, whether you make it count or not is solely your business. Fact only remains that time passes by and you age, whether you like it or not.

Don’t grow old without achieving anything. Take charge of your time and avoid wasters. Here’s a list that would help you identify the silly things you do that waste your time;

  • Social Media

Am pretty sure that most of us have heard this over and over again but we just can’t stop. Social media is addictive, I totally agree to that. By the time you sit down to calculate how long you’ve spent online you would be quite shocked. Facebook, Instagram, Snap chat, Twitter, Tinder and so on have taken total control of your time.

A quick confession; I can only write this because I’ve wasted countless hours that I would never get back on liking pictures, watching videos, or just checking my phone constantly for updates. If I didn’t waste that much time, I probably won’t be writing this post. Best advice is that, you should try living your life rather than waiting for an acquaintance to update you on how their lunch is going or how they are living theirs.

  • Trying To change someone’s mind

This is another silly time waster. The reason why the word ‘opinion’ is tagged ‘opinion’ is because it solely belongs to whoever it originates from. Other people’s like and dislikes is totally none of your business therefore stop worrying about them and face your life. Many people put their life on hold and waste their time trying to change some other person’s opinion about an issue. Their opinion is none of your business (unless if it’s your child of 18 or younger).

Don’t go about arguing your whole life away. It is not a must that the other person should use Mac Foundation instead of Revlon, you don’t have to make others agree that Kylie Jenner’s lip kit is a rip off or her butt is fake. We all don’t have to agree that Jose Mourinho/ Sir Alex Ferguson are the best coaches Manchester United ever had. Leave others to think as they choose to, focus on you. Be productive.

  • Social Events

Social event is another time waster. Most people attend all the popular events just to keep up with society. All these time wasters have to stop. See some instances social events has wasted your time;

Attending parties, social events, and all out of obligation, not desire or love.

TGIF: sometimes you go out on Friday night just to be seen as cool among your friends when you’d rather work on your business or read that book.

Shopping and going to the mall only to pass time when you don’t need anything important there.

  • Doing things you hate

Life challenges you with several options but at times it limits your options. Life is too short to be doing things you hate. Try to deduct the amount of hours you’ve spent working for that firm that you hate, and then imagine what you could have achieved with those hours if you were to be doing things you love.

  • Watching Television

A little TV is okay but too much of anything is unhealthy. Televisions are a major time waster; at times you probably just turned the television on to decompress, and then turn it off 2 hours later. This has to stop, rather than watch people live their lives, seek new adventures, seek you own adventure and live your own life.

  • Procrastinating

Just Do It.

  • Self-Photography (Selfie)

The world has survived and would continue to survive without you selfie. Stop wasting your time taking pictures of everything that is happening in your life. Just live your life. Stop being a freelance photographer (except that’s your profession or hobby), start living your life. Focus on the important not the pictures. Pictures are worth a thousand words, yes we all know. Don’t replace living your life with taking pictures, OK!

  • Gossip

Engaging with someone who likes to gossip, judge and resent others for reasons best known to them is a major time waster. Why should you spend that 30 minutes of your precious time talking or listening to someone talk about someone else? Like, is that what’s important to you? I agree that engaging in gossip can be juicy and fun, truth still remains that it takes you nowhere. Is that gossip the dream you’re chasing? If you are not blogging or running a gossip channel, stick to minding your own business. Focus on you!

  • Holding Grudges

Life is short, forgive and be positive.

  • Complaining

To complain is one of the easiest ways to stay stagnant. You don’t achieve anything other than see faults that you could easily have ignored. Complaining really won’t get you anywhere, and the only person who it’s hurting is you. The more you complain the more you would find reasons to be hurt. You start to pay attention to things that are not worth the stress.  Stop complaining, start thinking positively. Figure out how to make your life more complaint-free.


When you go through this list, you may consider any activity above as fun. It may be important to you but its thing one or some of the silly things that waste your time. You have to focus on you, on becoming the best that you can be.

Positive believing has to happen first to help you get out of your own cage. Most times we are stuck with time wasters because we are too scared to explore our dreams. To achieve anything and everything one needs to focus. You can only focus when you let go the silly things that waste your time.


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