Beauty Products You Can And Cannot Share


Products you should not share 


1. Mascara:


Your mascara should not be shared, that because your mascara can harbor bacteria and viruses.our eyes do not have the same layers of protection that our skin does, so it is more vulnerable.

2. Pressed powders: 


There is always a transfer of bacteria when you share your powder with a friend

3. Lippie


Whether it’s lipstick, lip balm or lip gloss, you shouldn’t share it. since you use your lip[pies in a wet environment, be sure that they are carrying your own bacteria, so sharing them will only add your friends’ bacteria to the mix

4. Any beauty product that comes in a jar


If you have to dip your fingers into a cleanser, day or night cream, eye creams, foundation, lip balm or any beauty product then it shouldn’t be shared. As you dip your hands into these products, bacteria in your hand goes into it. Make sure you wash your hands before you use them.

5. Makeup brushes.


Makeup brushes are the worst for contamination. Sharing them will just increase your chances of having Acne and other skin problems. the only way it is advised to share your brushes is to spray them with to spray them with an alcohol-based product to kill bacteria or shampoo them in between use.

6. Razors

It’s been announced so many times that razors should never be shared. Razors can nick you and draw blood or fluids, which leave bacteria on the blade after rinsing, making you more vulnerable to a staph infection, hepatitis, or blood-borne viruses (like HIV, although it’s highly unlikely).

Products safe to share 


1. Anything in a pump


Whether it’s a fragrance, hair product, foundation, lotion — what have you — if it comes in a pump, it’s totally fine to share

2. Liquid foundation. 


Since most liquid foundation comes in pump form then it is safe to share. there is less risk of contamination sharing liquid foundations.

3.  Loose powder.


If you just have to dip a fresh brush into your loose powder then it is safe to share.

4. Powder eyeshadow: 


use fresh clean brushes for your powder eye-shadow then it’s safe to share.

5. Lip and eye pencils


Anything that can be sharpened back to a brand new state is OK to share because you shave away any chance of bacteria as you sharpen it.


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