#JUSTSAYING: Out Of The Dark…..In With The Light


You probably think this is about the electricity situation in the country or about the light up Lagos project, well no. I recently got a series of messages on my phone about different organic skin care lines. I was very much interested since I am a big fan of all things natural. I went on to make inquiries about the various skincare products that they had, and to my utmost dismay the same trend went on. The various individuals I spoke to asked if I was interested in ‘toning’, ‘lightening’ or ‘whitening’ my skin, I was really shocked. I was expecting to hear about Shea butter, coconut oil and the rest of that stuff to make my skin healthy, and not ways for me to change what I have already.

Skin bleaching is a big topic in Nigeria. It’s not new; as it has been around for a while. A lot of people are not comfortable with their skin and are scared to use products with hydroquinone. They have found other ways in which to change their skin color with the so-called organic skin bleaching. ‘Abeg’, Bleaching is still bleaching no matter what is called or how it is advertised.

My definition of organic skincare has to do with natural skincare products that are not harmful to the skin. Whitening or lightening of the skin is harmful. I really don’t know why it is believed that you are not beautiful until you are light skinned.

I asked a friend who recently went about 3 shades lighter how she felt about plastic surgery. She out-rightly stated she was never going to consider it. In my opinion, I liken skin bleaching to plastic surgery. Quite a number of us claim we are not interested in plastic surgery, so why do we want to change our skin color.

You probably will look good with the so-called organic treatment but are you really sure you know the effect of it in the long run. You may enjoy the results initially but rest assured it is not sustainable; your skin will eventually re-darken and worst of all become damaged. There is no solution for irreversibly damaged skin; there is no procedure, expensive or otherwise that can reverse damaged skin. Every dark-skinned individual thinking of bleaching should really think about this.

You don’t have to be light skinned to be beautiful. I won’t deny that I have also thought about going a shade or two lighter, but truth is I have learnt to love and appreciate  my skin color.  I really don’t think I ever want to change it. All I want is a beautiful and healthy skin. I think if you love yourself, you won’t think about ‘toning’ your skin, ‘lightening’ your skin or ‘whitening’ your skin either organically or with chemicals. #JUSTSAYING


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