Sweet Hoe or Sweetheart? Choosing a Life Partner


Aside the hustle and bustle of finding money and getting good jobs, one prominent thing on the minds of most guys is finding a life partner. Well, I’m aware that goes on in the female mind too.

Just like the mistake people make buying a good car, guys tend to make the mistake of choosing a female partner by dwelling on the surface, that is, beauty. When I use beauty, I’m referring to something beyond facial appearance. I’m talking about the figure 8 beauty. If you look back to see the shape of the letter eight I used, you should understand what I mean better.

In other words, guys would rather go for a s3xy looking, bootylicious, figure 8 lady than take their time to consider the heart content. Who doesn’t love ‘good’ thing? Trust me, I love that part too when it comes to ladies. But how do we reduce divorce if we don’t get it right.

To my fellow single guys who have time on their sides in choosing a life partner (all guys have the time anyway…no fear of menopause), you should consider what the real content of a ladies as against her physical figure.

By spending a long time to know a lady better (I mean months and even years) you can tell if she deserves to spend the rest of her life with you.

I admit every lady is beautiful as long as she has that figure which reminds you of the ho3 but if you dig deeper, you would realize how beauty can only be found in a lady’s heart. Come to think of it, every lady has something sweet to offer on their down sides but not all are sweethearts.

In conclusion, if you need a sweetheart and not just a sweet ho3, you should give the heart priority over the ho3 in finding the right partner and this goes for the ladies too. Also note that you would be saving your relationship from the risk of divorce if you get it right, now!


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