Things You Can Do During Your Lunch Break


We all understand that how you spend your first and last hours of the day has a significant effect on your productivity. However, very few people realize that what you do at lunch can be just as important, and that time should not be overlooked. Lunch break is not just about gobbling down your lunch or having on hand on your keyboard and the other on your . Lunch breaks are vital to your healthy and productivity level, the break helps you to refuel and re-energize yourself. One of the best advises you would ever receive is, “you should take your lunch break”.

According to Harvard Business School, “taking Breaks is a practice that encourages us to stay mindful of our objectives”. Working longer decreases our performance and focus; a brief diversion can significantly increase one’s ability to focus. Studies reveal that the most productive people work 52 minutes then break for 17 minutes. Leveraging on your lunch break is a sure way to enhance your productivity, mindset and well being.

So, what can you do to make your lunch hour productive? I created a short list of things to do during lunch break.  These activities would help refresh and recuperate you from the early morning workload and prepare you for the other half of the day.

  • Slide into your smart phone

Lunch time is distraction time, grab your smart phone and slide into some games and fun apps that can refresh you from work stress. Here are some lunch hour activities to try:

Audio Books: you can spend your lunch hour listening or engaging yourself in a engaging story. Amazon’s has over 100,000 free audio books or you can try iTunes podcast library it has hundreds of thousands free podcasts. You can easily listen while strolling to stretch your legs.

Pictorious: Try completing one of Pictorious photo challenge like snapping a picture of unexpected art, a silhouette, or something blue. You can earn points and rewards as your images are up voted or down-voted.

  • Eat your lunch

Oh well, it’s called lunch break because it’s time for lunch. Eat your lunch judiciously. enjoy every bite without distractions.The best food to eat at lunch is the one that would help replenish your body.Lunch time is the time to try these body replenishers; Nuts, Pears, Apples, Blueberries, Cheese, and Fish.

  • Work Out

Did you know that physical activity stimulates various brain chemicals that may leave your body more relaxed and feeling happier. Try to invest your 60 minute lunch break to recharge your brain and muscles. It’s a fantastic energy booster. If your workplace happens to have a gym nearby, pack a change of clothes and your headphones and sweat it out on the treadmill or elliptical. Don’t forget to take a refreshing shower after your workout.

  • Take A Nap

One of the things to do during lunch break is to take a nap. Napping helps to relieve stress and gives you a fresh start. Studies reveal that people who take a nap show greater emotional resilience, improved cognitive function, and more. Another research done on pilots indicates that 26 minute nap helps to boost performance by 34% and alertness by 56%.

  • Communicate with your loved ones

Another study reveals that, “employees who socialize are both happier and able to do as much as their non-socializing co-workers who spend their time working. Now that you know this fact, another thing you can do during your lunch break is to call your loved ones (parents, sibling, children, boyfriend or husband and best friends). Talking to these people would refresh you and get you ready for a fresh start of the second half of your day.

  • Get A Manicure

Manicures are super beautiful. Another thing you can do during your lunch break is to get a manicure. Decide to dumb the technology and go to the nearby nail salon for a manicure. You’ll return to your desk refreshed—and those freshly trimmed and polished nails are sure to help you channel that power-professional vibe.


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