10 Styling Tips For Tall Girls


People always seem to take note of a tall woman wherever she goes—for better or worse. You may be tempted to dress quietly and conservatively to blend into the crowd, but who really wants to do that? Instead, make the most of those inevitable stares and embrace your long frame.

Below are our favorite styling tips for tall women to help you long-legged beauties look and feel your best every single outfit.

1. Wear Beautiful Shoes
As a tall woman, you’re probably familiar with what we call “The Six Foot Scan.” It’s the reaction other people have when they see your towering height and they have to check your feet immediately to determine whether you’re wearing heels. It doesn’t matter if you prefer heels, flats or athletic shoes, just choose beautiful shoes that deserve to be stared at.

2. Don’t Fear Heels
Heels seem to add confidence, sex and status to any outfit, and if 6’5″ former professional basketball player Lisa Leslie can rock the high heels, there’s no reason you shouldn’t, too.I could remember how a friend of mine was once told by people that she couldn’t wear heels because she was already taller than everyone else. If supermodels can wear heels all the time and expect those around them to deal with it, why can’t you?

3. Embrace Oversized Accessories
Don’t be afraid of carrying a large bag or wearing a stack of cool bangles and bracelets. Unlike your shorter friends, oversized accessories won’t swallow you whole. Think of cool, extra-roomy totes, statement necklaces, chandelier earrings and belts as your way of drawing the eye to your favorite feature, not just your stature.
4. Show Some Skin
You’ve got a lot of skin on your long body, so you might as well use it to your advantage. The trick is to play it up without looking like you’re trying too hard, or inappropriate for the occasion. The best advice is to focus on showing off one area at a time. For instance, if you wear a backless top, pair it with wide-leg trousers or skinny jeans. Same goes for a crop top—it’s best to cover-up elsewhere for a look that sparks the imagination but still keeps people guessing. (This way you’ll grab attention without stopping hearts.)
5. Highlight Your Neck
When getting ready for a night out, your long expanse of neck and your extra décolletage are assets you should highlight. Choose interesting necklines, pull your hair back, and wear necklaces or large earrings that attract the eye. (Right now we love chokers, dangling tassel earrings and pendant necklaces.)
6. Pair Narrow with Wide
If you shy away from wide-legged pants or broad-shouldered jackets because you’re afraid that menswear will make you look overly masculine—it’s time to revisit your thinking. If a runway model can pull off the look, then surely you can, too. To avoid looking “big,” just make sure you only wear one oversized item at a time. For a pulled-together look, wear wide-legged pants with a tight top or pair an oversized jacket with skinny jeans.

7. Think Bright
We love the look of adding a splash of color to your ensemble each day. Color adds interest to an outfit, and a woman wearing colour exudes confidence. You don’t have to add much, just throw on a turquoise necklace with your favorite white T-shirt or wear colorful pumps with your little black dress. Color can also draw attention to your favorite assets, so if you love your narrow waist, wear an embellished belt.
8. Be a Minimalist
Remember to distill the tips above to a one-a-time routine. Avoid piling on too many accessories at once, or rocking too many trends in one outfit. If you wear your height as an accessory, you don’t have to add much to your look. One or two simple pieces are all it will take to complete any outfit.
9. Play With Your Hair
There’s a reason why the contestants on America’s Next Top Model all undergo dramatic makeovers that often include major changes to their hair—tall chicks like you can really pull off any look. Never forget that hair grows back and can always be changed, so enjoy experimenting and playing with different styles.
10. Be a Drama Queen (When it Comes to Beauty)
You may not want to play up the drama every day, but don’t shy away from the occasionally dramatic eyeliner or bright red lipstick. Tall women often feel self-conscious wearing trendy makeup because of the extra attention it draws. Even if you don’t think you could ever go out in public while wearing glitter eye shadow, get together with your girls and challenge yourself to try something new at least once a month. ?



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