The adventures of a Brokelyn


Most of you outside Nigerian might have a hard time knowing what exactly ‘My Brokelyn State’ means but am gonna break it down a little bit. So stay tuned, Eyin Temi Eje Kalo Sibe (Let’s go there).

First, what is Brokelyn State? My people, Brokelyn is a state/condition/time you have no shishi (I mean, no money, you are extremely broke). When you bring out your left and right pockets and only to find out you have nothing there. Your Bank account on the minus red side, your wallet to the extent that the only things you find are your ID card and your ATM card that leads to an account on the minus side. It manages to spit out receipts and then when people are on a cue at the bank, you fake collection of money. My brother don’t be bothered you are not there yet.

By the time you get to that zone, your highest and most cherished numbers will come with a 5, a 10, a 20 and a 50. Your best-friends would be polymer notes. It is in that time you start searching for what you didn’t loss or keep. My brother you go start to dey search your pockets. That is when you start thinking you actually left money in a pocket you didn’t leave money in. If person wan touch your polymer Na there gangan u go die. U go fight person mama on top polymer. My brothers and Sisters if you start experiencing these feelings; ‘You are there and I would like to welcome you.

I know of this zone very well cause am a king of this region; you can’t steal my crown once you hear my full tales. Only a person that has being and lived in this zone for month would know the feeling. Jenifa in Jenifa Diary as lived there before but she couldn’t get the crown from me. As soon as u commot for dat zone you no go wan come back again. My Sister if brokelyn hold you, my sister you will never remain the same again and there gangan you go know say you are highly on your own (O.Y.O). Hhahaha…

Na there life go begin flash for your eyes, e go b like how them dey remember the past for Nigerian movies. O boy! I hail una for Nollywood o. Una too try. Na myself I go blame. When I get money I dey blaze money. No tell people this secret o, e go dey between us o. I even throw 12k for my school fees up. Exam dey come fast n’ furious and your boy never pay shigbai.

Lesson Number One- Don’t ever spend your important moni and if worse comes to worst; spend it alone because dem no go dey when brokelyn hook you.

That’s all for today my people make sure you visit next week as I visit the issue of my brokelyn crisis in ‘The Adventures of a Brokelyn’. If you think you deserve to be crowned a brokelyn God/Goddess pls use the comment box and let’s go head-2-head.


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